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Hair Color Marketing Jerks

That's why Hairdressers call It - Corrective Work

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The Marketers For Over The Counter Hair Color Have Lost Their Minds!

Truth about, 'Over the Counter Hair Colors'

I believe the marketers for the over the counter quick color have lost their minds.

I keep reading on this AMAZING Over the counter color that will change your life – save you time and money from being my slave and listening to and  I quote, 'gossipy hairdressers'.

GEEZ! *me throwing my color gloves on the floor.* Marketing JERKS!

I once heard something that I think fits this very situation on a smaller level.

If I give Eric Clapton My piece of shit guitar I bet he'll make it sound like it has been carved from heaven itself.

It will play well BECAUSE he's amazing at what he does.

Now let's look at our people playing the instruments shall we.

Nurse, teacher, single Mom, doctors – lawyers.  They do a fine job at what they studied for because they got TRAINED! Do you hold such little regard for your stylist to think you know better because it shows a color on a label? WE WENT TO SCHOOL FOR THIS! WE know what we are doing —do you?

You do your job —we will do ours.

Time – You have kids, you're single, and have odd hours, got it. Find a salon that's open after hours, early hours. I will speak for myself and tell you I run on N.Y time ——ALWAYS there for you. There are actually hairdressers who work a full 18 hours and come back in and do it all again.

Money — 1.) You like the burgundy huh? How's that working for your blonde hair? OH! Pink you say! Really how much have you saved? Now we are back to time – the time it's going to take you to get back into your hairdresser after you just FUBAR'd it up.

                   2.) Understand this about the obscene money you can and do get charged by some- not all salons. Please look at the area your shop is in. Is it in a better than awesome neighborhood? Well, property is not cheap and so our booth rentals have gone up – our products KEEP going up and if you wanna say you go to SHAY Butter salon —then you are going to pay SASHAY prices. Looks can be deceiving some of the better salons and better priced aren't so pretty to look at, but they are clean, sanitary and get rated by the same State Board. Great stylist are everywhere, some just don't fit in with others at the Uber Salons. They are just as capable and professional.  

Slave — ***WE hairdressers did not go to school for a year and over to do your hair for free ***

You are not our slaves go where you feel comfortable, if you want to change but love your color, ASK her/him to give you the recipe, the reasonable ones will, if not I can promise you I can mix any color Without knowing what crap was in it, why? Because I'm good at what I do.

Also the pic that sits on a side by side to show you how well they did all by themselves is crap- It is a professional cut and I know Sally Sue DID not do that cut and that color- too many pieces in it fo sho has a foil in it. Hell the pic even makes ME wanna do my own!

Some people will get away with it- dry brittle crap and Bland as the day is long – no one likes a flat matt hair color and the ones who need color are the ones going grey. You need depth, and box will not give you the beautiful results you should be wearing.

Moving on.

So why the big problem with over the counter hair color Heather?

Because Not all of you CAN DO it! And we have to fix the crap after you just got done reasoning with yourselves that you can do a better job than we can.

Gossipy — Shut up – Every place has em.  We talk kids – cancer – college- babies- vegetable gardens.

Hairdressers I have worked with get along great, we support each other. There are hair salons that need to clean their act up for sure but word of mouth travels fast and if you feel comfortable than you'll do fine.

So To the marketers —-Screw you —- advertise on something like. "SO you think you can do hair color? You know what a metallic salt is? Cool TRY US! And if you screw up CALL YOUR LOCAL SALON FOR HELP AND REPAIR!"

We are PROFESSIONAL Hairdressers and we are always inventing new and fun things for you to do at home. But if you can't even blow your hair out like I can with a brush what the hell are you doing putting color on that brush for!

That is the truth!     

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