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21 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Singer

Some people blast rap music from their car radios. You blast opera.

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1. That casual hummed vocal sigh you do from time to time.

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You do it while walking down the street, waiting for your bus, grocery shopping — anytime, anywhere. Totally normal in conservatories and music buildings. Not so much in public spaces...

7. Avoiding certain foods and drinks like the plague.

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It doesn't matter if you've tried these foods a hundred times and they haven't affected you. If you have a performance, you're not going anywhere near that sugar-filled, creamy, caffeinated latte.

15. Or when you finally get that phrase just right and you're simultaneously excited and terrified to try it again.

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"Can't I just leave it in that beautiful, perfect state forever??"

17. Impressing people with your language expertise.

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"Why, yes, I do know French, Italian, German, and a little bit of Russian and Czech."

(Even if you're actually just reciting lyrics from arias that you've sung.)

21. But hey, you couldn't imagine devoting your life to anything else.


This music speaks to your soul. You feel humbled and honored to be able to revel in and share with the world its profound beauty.

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