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21 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Singer

Some people blast rap music from their car radios. You blast opera.

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1. That casual hummed vocal sigh you do from time to time.

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You do it while walking down the street, waiting for your bus, grocery shopping — anytime, anywhere. Totally normal in conservatories and music buildings. Not so much in public spaces...


7. Avoiding certain foods and drinks like the plague.

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It doesn't matter if you've tried these foods a hundred times and they haven't affected you. If you have a performance, you're not going anywhere near that sugar-filled, creamy, caffeinated latte.


15. Or when you finally get that phrase just right and you're simultaneously excited and terrified to try it again.

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"Can't I just leave it in that beautiful, perfect state forever??"


17. Impressing people with your language expertise.

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"Why, yes, I do know French, Italian, German, and a little bit of Russian and Czech."

(Even if you're actually just reciting lyrics from arias that you've sung.)