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    • heathern11

      It was OK to beageek girl whenIwas younger & overweight and found that since I’ve lost weight and geek culture is more acceptable,Iam now often quizzed at comicons for “true” knowledge like there’s some sort of geek testIhave to pass to prove I’m “real”. It’s only happened the last few years… who cares how “real”Iam? You can like what you like & I’ll like whatIlike. For costumesImake my own stuff mostly simply becauseIdon’t have to hang my ass and chest like nearly all of the female superheroes are drawn as and am tired of the alternating leers and slutshaming you get asawoman by dressing up in most “real” costumes. Catch 22 really.Ilike changing regular costumes up and making them my own &Idon’t dress up for any one but me (OK and my husband!) and care less how “real” you are. Are you happy? Great! People enjoy things on different levels. The whole point of being yourself is that you can be whatever you like. Why are we trying to do to others what was done to us for years and years in the regular world? You don’t have to like everything! Get over it :)

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