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    • heatherm87

      As a book seller let me tell you there are plenty of completely worthless books out there. I have a whole garage full of books that are only selling for a penny on Amazon. Basically once a book reaches this price status it is bound for the recycling center. I would rather re-purpose a book into something else than buy a brand new item that uses new resources. I have 2 extremely large bookshelves made from discarded books and discarded lumber.
      That being said, I can’t stand when people take a brand new book and rip it all up. Or a really valuable book. Thou on the plus side every time some one rips up a book the remaining ones become just a little more valuable.
      And yes I have tried having a garage sale or donating them to libraries. Guess where I got most of the books in my garage from? My local library who calls to say “we don’t want them, do you?”
      People at garage sales look at me like I am a nutter for having so many books. So I say proudly rip up copies of twilight, James Patterson, Danielle steel, Nora Roberts, Tom Clancy and a million other books that will never ever have any value even 1st editions.

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