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An Ode To My Dad's Selfies

A poetic show of affection for my dad and his entertaining selfies on Father's Day. Let the humiliation begin.

Oh, where to begin, or what to say, on here, this fine ol' Father's Day. They raised us right, and taught us well,

John Mann / Via Facebook

while taking selfies looking like hell.

Just like their pictures, they'd get too close.

John Mann / Via Facebook

Reminding us they're not the family we chose.

Yet we love them still for all the assistance,

John Mann / Via Facebook

and have to admit they look good gazing into the distance.

But despite all their worry about our misbehaving,

John Mann / Via Facebook

it's their pictures that might need a little bit of saving.

Not to sound harsh or to disappoint,

John Mann / Via Facebook

but is it the lighting or angle? It's hard to pin point.

All jokes aside, there are a good few, like the ones where the wind just perfectly blew.

John Mann / Via Facebook

Although they can drive us totally berserk,

John Mann / Via Facebook

They love us as much as they love Mickey Rourke.

So here's to you, our loving old men.

John Mann / Via Facebook

We rate you and your selfies a ten out of ten.

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