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What Canadian Kids Thought About While Watching TV

Fred Penner's hollow log. Mr. Dressup's mad drawing skillz. Bram's love triangle. And what the heck was wrong with PJ Katie and her clay farm?

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"Fred Penner is the best guitar-player in the whole world."

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Remember when he played “Dancin' in the Street”? Kids' TV today is nowhere near as cool.

"Somebody should pay me to play with clay."

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YouTube videos of people playing with toys are really popular now, so PJ Katie was ahead of her time. She was a goddamn pioneer, really.

"Wait, why is Jodie grabbing Jeff ... down there?"

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They're buds, and they hang out every night. But there was serious sexual tension between Jodie and Jeff ... you know, as soon as he'd turned into a person.

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