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    13 Things Canadians Want Americans To Know About Tim Hortons

    This is our thing, guys, and there are a few things you need to know before your next double-double.

    1. For years, everyone was convinced the coffee was so addicting because it contained MSG.

    2. Timbits aren’t Canada’s answer to "doughnut holes.” They’re freaking Timbits, and they are a way of life up here!

    3. We all got a little too freaked when we heard that the new owners (Burger King) were going to stop selling Timbits.

    4. There can be five Tim Hortons in a single small town, and there is still a long line at the drive-thru of each of them.

    5. Every Canadian has a specific order they always get at Tim Hortons.

    6. So yeah, we pretty much go all of the time.

    7. You can buy coffee for everyone in your office and it still costs less than Starbucks.

    8. Roll Up The Rim To Win is a huge deal.

    9. Nothing hurts more than throwing away your cup and realizing later that you forgot to roll up the damn rim.

    10. At least five times a day during the promotion, you’ll hear somebody try to roll the Rs in "Rrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrrim."

    11. Somebody even invented a little gadget to make all that rim-rolling easier.

    12. It’s not called a “Café & Bake Shop” in Canada. This ain’t Cake Boss, guys — we’re not fancy

    13. You might think you’re being healthy by choosing a muffin, but they have more calories than the doughnuts.