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    How Do You Function In A World Without Cake?

    Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a gluten allergy or adult onset diabetes? Or you have a raging sugar addiction, you’re moody and you’ve put on 58 pounds? Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to NOT EAT CAKE. What do you do now?

    Meat Cake: It’s a meatloaf dinner that looks like a cake!

    PS That’s not frosting.

    Fruit Cake: Watermelon goes a long way!

    PS You don’t even miss frosting.

    Plate Cake: You can still celebrate your birthday at restaurants!


    PS That IS frosting. DON'T LICK!

    Squish Cake: If you can’t eat em’ DESTROY em’!


    And when all else fails...Communicate your frustrations by screaming AT the top of your lungs:



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