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    • heatherj14

      I did not see The Heat.Isaw the previews and my brain said “Buddy Cops with Boobs. Nope.” While I’ve seen things with Melissa McCarthy that I’ve enjoyed, women aren’t just love interests, or men with different parts, or catty creatures who fight and shop.
      What doIwant in my movie?Isaw Iron Man 3, and Pepper Pots was no ones play-thing.ILOVED Pepper.Iwant smart women who are strong and capable and brave. If she happens to beawife/mother/lover, that’s cool. But in many male-led films, relationships are add-ons to the male lead, while in female-led films, relationships define the female lead. Until we can look atacharacter asacharacter first and the story that character has to tell, and oh, by the way, this just happens to be the gender, or KIND of character, then we’re not going to get great and compelling stories.
      Until then, I’ll keep watching everything Joss Whedon touches, because the man can write compelling women.

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