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Dad Reacts To Eating Extreme Hot Sauces

I helped my Dad create an Instagram where he posts reaction videos to super hot sauces and spicy foods.

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Meet my dad, Pete! He will eat anything spicy.

Pete's Hot Tips / Via Instagram: @peteshottips

Ever since I can remember my dad has been obsessed with spicy foods. For his birthday this past summer my boyfriend and I decided to get him the Fuego Box, it's a monthly subscription box that sends you 3 hot sauces a month. Every time we'd see him he'd give us a different "tip" for how to eat the sauce. Eat this one with cheese, this one with a cracker, only shake this one once. We started calling his advice "Pete's Hot Tips" and suggested he create an Instagram exclusively dedicated to eating spicy things... and @PetesHotTips was born.

He did the Paqui #OneChipChallenge on Christmas!

Instagram: @peteshottips / Via Instagram: @peteshottips

We got him some Pete's Hot Tips merch for Christmas.

And put Hoff & Pepper Hot Sauce on ice cream!

Instagram: @peteshottips / Via Instagram: @peteshottips

Hear a person laughing in the background of every video? That's my mom!

Friends and family have started to send him new sauces to try and he's LOVING every moment of the (painfully hot) experience.

Instagram: @peteshottips / Via

Yes, that hat is from Medieval Times. Yes, he does enjoy doing this every week.

If you're looking for a new dadstagram to follow in 2018, I recommend my Dad. He posts new videos every Tuesday!

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