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5 Signs You're Into Polyamory

Polyamory Is The Hip New Thing But How Do You Know If You’re Polyamorous? We Came Up With 5 Signs That Scream You're Meant To Date More Than One:

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5. You’re on a date with your partner but you can’t stop thinking about being with somebody else.

4. You’re bi-sexual but monogamy is forcing you to choose when you really just want to be with both.

3. You can’t shut the hell up because you love to TALK, TALK, TALK about your feelings and explain it away as "radical honesty.”

2. You find yourself needing to use an app to keep track of everyone you’re dating. Yes, there’s an app for that.

1. And the most telling sign that you're probably polyamorous is you love creating and implementing rules. About everything.

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