42 Truly Haunting Pieces Of Art

Pieces of art that will both creep you out and enchant you. (Please comment if you know the names and and title of any unknown pieces.)

1. Art by Unknown

It’s unexpected to see the wolf mourning the corpse of the girl.

2. Lake Moonlight by Mo Kelly

This piece has a Tim Burton vibe.

3. Krahe (Crow in Boots) by Hurzlmeier

There is a Halloweenie emotion to this piece that I love.

4. Art by Joshua Courlas

The owl is like an evil omen, and the man’s eyes are glaringly evil.

5. Art by Unknown

The sharp, pointed appendages.

6. Art by Tristan Elwell

Galloping to disaster.

7. Art by Unknown

Death greets her like a gentleman.

8. Art by Adam Fisher

Blue shadows beneath the moon.

9. Art by Jeremy Mangan

Eerie lighting in the dark forest.

10. Art by John Atkinson Grimshaw

That moon and that sky evokes shivers.

11. Art by Sebastian Giacobino

Will you ever get into the ocean again?

12. Art by Adrian Ghenie


13. Art by Alexander Jansson

Faces of darkness.

14. Art by Kay Nielson

15. Art by Unknown

Reminiscent of Salvador Dali.

16. Witches in the Air by Francisco Goya

The person huddled terrified on the floor says it all.

17. Protect Me by Voody

There’s nothing more terrifying than a giant who can crush you with a fist.

18. Avenue of Poplars at Sunset by Vincent Van Gough

It’s peaceful and beautiful, but also very haunting

19. Sweet Halloween Dreams by begemott

This now famous piece is the reason you won’t go to bed tonight without a teddy bear close by.

21. Slack Rope by Esao Andrews

You can’t see what’s beneath her, but you can imagine it must be something terrible.

22. All Is Vanity by Charles Gilbert

The genius depiction of a skull, camouflaged.

23. Art by Unknown


24. The Forest 2 by Enigma Astralis

Very reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Halloweentown.

25. Forest by BigFace

The real story of Little Red Riding Hood is dark, like this painting.

26. Art by Unknown

In reality the ocean is a dark, dark place and this piece depicts it as such.

27. The Scream by Edvard Munch

Classically creepy. It’s that orange sky and that tortured expression.

28. The Young Martyr by Paul Delaroche

29. Tree of Lava by janaschi

This has a very Tolkien / Elvish emotion to it.

30. Shelter From the Storm by Jeremiah Morelli


31. Art by Hyuen Sam Kim

The size of that moon over the huddled little town, and the one lonely stranger standing outside.

32. Ophelia by John Everett Millais

The look on her face, the curve of her hand, and the otherwise bright, happy feeling of her surroundings.

34. Art by Vincent Hui

This piece requires no discussion.

35. Within the Woods by Riccardo Zem

I’m not sure what the tower creatures are, but their eyes staring at the lonely house are truly creepy.

36. Tree 220 by Toni Demuro

There’s an overall sense of loneliness in this piece. The moon, the crow and the bare tree all contribute. It makes you wonder what sad news is written on the paper.

37. Art by Toni Demuro

It’s the deep, dark colors and the depiction of autumn that shroud this piece in sorrow.

38. The Elephants by Salvador Dali

The red/orange colors, the barren landscape, and those beyond creepy elephant legs make this piece haunting.

39. Art by Unknown

Children before a gloomy, crooked background, with their innocence obviously in question.

40. Want to Play by Jeremiah Morelli

41. Art by Alex Andreyev

42. Art by David Levesque

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