7 Ways To Make Your Day Oh So Much Better With Justin Timberlake!

Enjoy :)

7. JT And Ryan Gosling On The Mickey Mouse Club!

Too Much Adorableness!!

6. The Curls And The Boy Band Dance Routines!

He falls from the sky, looks up, smiles and laughs. This will definitely make you smile!

5. Even His Love Songs Are Amazing!!

Everything about this video is awesome and will definitely brighten your day!

4. He Is Hilarious And Super Talented!

Anytime these 2 get together you know it’s gonna be awesome!

3. There’s Like 10 Justins In This Video!

That’s 1 for you and 1 for 9 of your friends. It may sound crazy but just think about it, if every girl had a JT the world would be pretty awesome!

2. He Is Badass At Getting Revenge!

Awesome song, awesome video and he even flies a bit too! Also he shatters a window with a rock…that’s kinda amazing!

1. He Released An Awesome New Album This Year!

AND he is releasing Part 2 of the 20/20 Experience on September 30th!!!

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