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15 Canadian TV Shows You Watched In The 90s'

We may not have had American hit tv shows but we had all of these to be proud to call our own...and we had Ryan Gosling!! So let's take a walk through 90's Canada!!

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15. You Can't Do That on Television - (1979-1990)

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Premise: Kinda like Canada's version of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Fun Fact: If you mentioned the word "water" you had water dumped on your head. If you said "I don't know" then you were slimed.

PS: Alanis was a regular cast member on the show

14. Due South - (1994-19990


Premise: Basically a mountie moves to Chicago and works with a cynical American cop and he has a cool dog called Deifenbaker who helps him fight crime.

Fun Fact: The character Benton Fraser is basically the NICEST mountie ever

PS:If you don't already have a thing for Mountie's, then you totes will after you watch this show!

13. Degrassi High - (1987-1991)

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Premise: Following the everyday life of teenagers at high school.

Fun Fact: The show dealt with a lot of serious issues: teen pregnancies, homosexuality and interracial relationships

PS: You know you definitely had a crush on Joey Jeremiah and you knew for sure your parents would never let you be friends with Spike in real life.

12. The Kids in the Hall - (1988-1994)

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Premise: A very Canadian sketch comedy show

Fun Fact: The 5 main characters played the majority of roles

PS: The "Dave's I Know" song will be stuck in your head all day!

9. Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue - (1996-2005)

Premise: A really old lady answers sex questions

Fun Fact: You never knew what she was about to pull out of the "Pleasure Chest"

PS: She answered ANY and EVERY sex question and totally without judgement

8. YTV Hit List - (1991-2005)

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Premise: Music video countdown show

Fun Fact: If you saw Tarzan Dan "swing" through one of the videos you could win a fan pack

PS: I won a fan pack twice :)

7. Are You Afraid of the Dark - (1990-2000)


Premise: The "Midnight Society" get together and tell ghost stories

Fun Fact: Some of the ghost stories were super freaking scary if you were young

PS: Elisha Cuthbert appeared in 24 episodes

5. Neon Rider- (1989-1995)


Premise: Basically a therapist moves from the big city to a ranch and opens a place for troubled teens

Fun Fact: He basically made you do random chores

PS: There was definitely a "life lesson" moment in each show

4. Coach's Corner - (1980-present)


Premise: A retired hockey player and coach offers up his very passionate hockey opinions

Fun Fact: You tune in just to see what he is wearing!

PS: Why is he always yelling?!!

3. Road to Avonlea - (1990-1996)


Premise: A young rich girl is sent to live in PEI in the 1900s'

Fun Fact: Had a few crossover characters from Anne of Green Gables appear in the show

PS: Thank God for this show or we wouldn't have the amazingness that is Sarah Polley

1. Much Music - (1984-present)


Premise: Canada's awesome version of MTV

Fun Fact: Tune in anytime and you won't be disappointed

PS: Without Much we wouldn't have Rick the Temp, George "Canada's boyfriend" Strombo or Ed the Sock!!!

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