12 Reminders Of Why We LOVE Veronica Mars

As we prepare for what will inevitably be the Greatest movie ever made!!

A tv show revolving around the life of a teenage girl who moonlights as a private eye took the world by storm in 2004 until it was so cruelly taken away from us after only 3 seasons. Now almost 10 years later our prayers have been answered and we are mere months away from the Veronica Mars movie!! While we wait to see what has happened to all our favourite characters lets take a look back at where it all started.

12. Sheriff Lamb

Even though they killed off the Sheriff Lamb character, he and Veronica had one of the funniest relationships on the show. Rumor has it Jerry O’Connell’s character in the movie is Sheriff Lambs brother. Lets hope they have a similar relationship!

11. Vinnie Van Lowe

Always trying to stay 1 step ahead of the competition! Vinnie Van Lowe was always known for taking the sleazier cases and definitely wasn’t known for his moral code. Lets hope we see more of the Mars’ vs Van Lowe in the movie!

10. Cliff - The Lawyer

A friend of the Mars family who occasionally requires their help for his clients and on one occasion, when he finds himself in a sticky situation with a hooker, requires their help for himself! He also has an amazingly deep voice!

9. Deputy Leo

The adorable and lovely Deputy Leo who won us over with the way he was with Veronica. But it was not meant to be and we had to say goodbye to him but he is returning for the movie so we have another chance to love him!

8. Piz

Whilst Piz is lovely and he is good to Veronica, their relationship came at a time when we were all hoping she would get back with Logan so we couldn’t really love him. He better not come back and threaten the Logan/Veronica relationship!!

7. Mac

The Mac/Veronica relationship is awesome and only gets awesomer with each episode. Can’t wait to see this duo back together again!!

6. Dick Casablancas

For a guy who was only meant to have 1 line he ended up being a scene stealer in many episodes. You definitely had a love/hate relationship with Dick!

5. Eli “Weevil” Navarro

Started off as a jerk and then won us over in the end! Can’t wait to see him a Veronica back in action again!

4. Wallace Fennel

Veronica’s awesome best friend and sometimes side kick. We were sad when he left for a bit but when he came back it was like he never left. Let’s hope they have the same relationship in the movie!

3. Keith Mars

The BEST father/daughter relationship on tv. Every time they were together you knew it was going to be hilarious!! So happy we get to see the Mars investigation team back together again!

2. Logan Echolls

Logan is the character most, if not all of us, are dying to see again. The on/off relationship between him and Veronica both warmed our hearts and then broke our hearts over and over again. Lets hope this former bad boy comes to his senses and doesn’t let Veronica go this time!!

1. Veronica Mars

This tiny, sarcastic. blond teenage girl won us over from episode 1. Every word that came out of her mouth was awesome, whether she was talking to her dad, Logan, Weevil, Lamb or in a voice over she was always badass!!

The Veronica Mars Movie Trailer

This gives us just enough clues to see that the writers and cast know exactly what the fans want and that when this movie is finally released we are in for an incredible ride!! So fellow Marshmallows start re-watching all the episodes and lets get ready for the return of one of the greatest shows ever!!

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