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10 Frustrating Things That Happen When You Are An American Educated Canadian

K-12 in an American school can make the transition back to Canada a little bit tricky

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10. Filling out important forms


Canadian educated Canadian: So your birthday is 03/22?

American educated Canadian: Yep!

Canadian educated Canadian: And the 22nd month is....?

American educated Canadian: Huh??

8. Applying to Canadian Universities


American educated Canadian: Woo hoo I'm applying to Canadian Universities!

Canadian educated Canadian: Have you done grade 13?

American educated Canadian: i'm sorry grade what??

7. Getting stuck in the middle of a debate about Canadian History


Canadian educated Canadian: So what is your opinion on "Canada's Hundred Days" and the role they played in WW1?

American educated Canadian: Umm, well...i would say that...oh i think my phone is ringing, sorry gotta go!! *runs home and googles Canada's Hundred days*

6. Coming to America's defense a little to quickly

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Canadian educated Canadian: It seems the US is always at war.

American educated Canadian: They are just defending their FREEDOM...I mean yeah like for real, what is their problem...

5. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue


American educated Canadian: Ohh yum turkey for Columbus day!!

Canadian educated Canadian: It's thanksgiving..

American educated Canadian: Oh right Canadian thanksgiving

Canadian educated Canadian: We just call it Thanksgiving

4. Going to Canada vs US hockey games


Canadian educated Canadians: *singing the Canadian National Anthem loudly and proudly in French*

American educated Canadian: (American National Anthem begins) *places right hand over heart*

3. I'm Not American!!


Canadian educated Canadian: So where are you from in the States?

American educated Canadian: I'm Canadian

Canadian educated Canadian: Then why do you sound American?

American educated Canadian: *hangs head in shame and whispers* I swear I'm a Canadian

2. Trying too hard to prove you are Canadian


Canadian educated Canadian: So what do you want to do today?

American educated Canadian: Let me grab my toque and I will meet you at Timmie's for a double double, then we can head to the rink and ride the zamboni then swing by the hospital just to get a free check up and on the way home grab some poutine and a 2-4 EH...

Canadian educated Canadian: I was sorta thinking about going to see a movie

American educated Canadian: Yeah ok sounds good eh!

1. So do I add a "U" to EVERY word?


American educated Canadian: So do you have one of those like "I before E except after C" sayings to help me out here?

Canadian educated Canadian: No

American educated Canadian: Now is that NO or NoU?

Canadian educated Canadian: .....

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