Which “Parks And Recreation” Character Would Survive The Hunger Games?

Ann’s boyfriends not included.

18. Li’l Sebastian

Sorry buddy.

17. Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Doesn’t make it past the cornucopia.

16. Joan Callamezzo

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Joan would be able to woo the public with her charms, but seems to have little aptitude for self-defense.

15. Perd Hapley

NBC / Via neogaf.com

Perd is really bad at many things. At least he has his own point of view.

14. Tom Haverford

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The Hunger Games are not built for a luxurious lifestyle. Tom would enjoy the Capitol though.

13. Chris Traeger

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Chris has a lot going for him (loving fitness, organic food) but those things could also be his downfall (wearing himself out too early in the games, not being able to tell what’s vegan).

12. Tammy Swanson (Tammy II)

NBC / Via giphy.com

Tammy could get by with…trickery…but she always runs when real danger strikes.

11. Ethel Beavers

Ethel takes shit from no one.

10. Andy Dwyer

Andy would probably spend the Hunger Games trying to avenge Li’l Sebastian. He does have some skill in creating disguises and could be a dark horse.

9. Mona-Lisa Saperstein

Mona-Lisa is a sociopath and loves conflict. This is hers to lose.

8. Leslie Knope

NBC / Via gifrific.com

Leslie would have trouble understanding the premise of the Hunger Games. Also, she would probably just try to save Ann.

7. Ann Perkins

NBC / Via sharegif.com

Once Leslie’s protection is gone, Ann is done.

6. Ben Wyatt

NBC / Via giphy.com

Ben has probably actually read the Hunger Games, so he has an advantage.

5. Craig Middlebrooks

Craig has a lot of rage.

4. Donna Meagle

Donna watches Game of Thrones. She can also use her connections to get to the final day of the Games.

3. Jerry/Larry Gergich

NBC / Via giphy.com

Everyone forgets Jerry/Larry is there: he would survive by mistake. Also, every day in the office is like the Hunger Games for Jerry/Larry, so he has a lot of experience just getting by.

2. Ron Swanson

This is a no-brainer. Ron has all of the skills to survive.

1. April Ludgate

NBC / Via giphy.com

April is crafty enough to evade everyone but Ron, but he can’t kill her because she’s his protege in the office. April has positioned herself perfectly to destroy all of her coworkers.

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