This Is The Quickest Way To Make A DIY Baby Groot

Anyone can DIY if you lower your expectations!

Like many of us, I have been unable to wait for the Marvel licensing machine to kick into gear for the Dancing Baby Groot frenzy.

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So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

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Here is how to make your own Baby Groot in 5 easy steps.

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1. Obtain these items: A stick of asparagus, a marker, a small pot, and soil.

Colin Heasley

You can buy asparagus at the grocery store. Alternatively, you can grow it, but be warned: Asparagus is a spring vegetable.

2. Use the marker to draw a face on your stick of asparagus.

Colin Heasley

I chose a ‘happy’ face, but you are the art director of your own Baby Groot DIY so go crazy.

3. Put the soil in the pot.

Colin Heasley

4. Put the stick of asparagus in the soil.

Colin Heasley

5. Use toothpicks to add the arms.

Colin Heasley

Tip: Colorful toothpicks can add a touch of whimsy!

Voila! Baby Groot!*

Colin Heasley

*Baby Groot lasts 4-6 days, can be affected by housepets and ravenous hunger. It doesn’t dance, but you can play music at it.

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