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The 5 Stages Of Experiencing A Hard Drive Failure

Install this beta software, they said. It will be easy, they said.

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1. Denial and Isolation

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You don't choose your hard drive crash. Your hard drive crash chooses you. You may be in the middle of downloading some beta software. "Hmm, this is taking an awful long time," you think.

Life doesn't prepare you for a hard drive crash (except for every time there's a notification to back up your computer).

Now it's too late, and people are saying things like "If we're lucky, we can save some documents." The word "partition" is being used in a way Beyoncé did not intend.

3. Bargaining

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You find yourself saying "I just need to go to the Apple store" repeatedly and in a dazed fashion to the tech-savvy people who are trying to help you.

"Maybe there's a way to save my files! They did it before there!"

You know you have another backup somewhere. You can't find it.


4. Sadness


Retrieving files is taking FOREVER. This gives you plenty of time to emote.

You sink to a new low. Nothing is inedible at this stage. You may or may not find the words 'my precious' coming out of your mouth as you caress a box of glazed donuts.

5. Acceptance

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You extracted your most essential documents, but your iTunes library will never be the same. The ability to functionally restart your computer seems like a huge step to you.

It's time to re-install software, pick out a new desktop background, and start over.

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