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Miley Cyrus' Art Show "Dirty Hippie" Is Completely Bizarre

...but also maybe great?

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Last night, September 10th, mystic sprite and vocalist Miley Cyrus opened an art exhibit in partnership with Jeremy Scott and V Magazine.

She arrived in style, and documented everything on Instagram:

The Jenners were in attendance.

The whole show is an explosion of colorful craft materials.

Here, Miley provides a thesis for a beaded dildo to an enthralled 2 Chainz:

Miley and model Bella Hadid analyze a piece of art.

Not gonna lie, this microwave covered in pom-poms is kind of amazing.

Here is another piece. It's a bong wrapped in beads.

And here's a mask covered in small bears.

The whole thing is very psychedelia-inspired.

After conquering the world of visual art, Cyrus unwound.
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