16 Hilarious Made-Up Facts About "Harry Potter" That We Wish Were True

We’re learning new things about the wizarding world all the time!

16. While the sink in the Hogwarts first floor girls’ lavatory leads to the Chamber of Secrets, the sink in the boys’ lavatory leads to a chamber containing a nursery for Professor McGonagal’s lovechild.

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15. Buckbeak the Hippogriff is actually four garden gnomes supporting an elaborate puppet. Hagrid never realizes this.

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14. The Department of Mysteries was awarded ‘Best Government Career Website’ by Forbes in 2003.

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13. A dance number in the fourth film never came to fruition.

12. During books 3-7, Colin Creevey publishes his photography in a variety of muggle magazines under the pseudonym “Annie Liebowitz.”

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11. There was an attempt to write Hermione out of the series during pre-production on Sorcerer’s Stone.

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10. Tom Riddle was known as a plastic surgery fiend during his time in the orphanage.

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9. Dobby doesn’t die, he is accidentally buried alive. Fortunately, he can teleport, so this isn’t a real problem.

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8. Many years in the future - following a cataclysmic war - the Triwizard Tournament is looked to as the basis for the Hunger Games.

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7. Luna Lovegood is gluten intolerant.

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6. Louisiana Voodoo is never taught at Hogwarts due to latent resentment over the War of 1812.

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5. Sometimes during really boring Quidditch, Hermione imagines she’s watching a Boyz II Men concert DVD instead.

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4. You must bring all necessary feminine hygiene products with you to Hogwarts. They are not available otherwise on the premises.

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3. Harry has mono for most of books 5 and 6.

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2. Hermione and Ron are secretly using love potion on each other starting in book 7.

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1. The Harry Potter series was initially supposed to be about Severus Snape. It was changed for marketing reasons.

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