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Biomarkers Have The Answers

Predictions fight cancer you guys. Here's a new one:

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The Biomarker.

Dr. Y Peng Loh, an NIH physician, has discovered a biomarker that can predict the recurrence of cancer.

Summed up.

A biomarker (portmanteau of 'biological marker') is a measurable substance in the body, which 'marks' a biological occurrence.

In this case, the biomarker measures the progression and aggressiveness of a patient's cancer, as well as predicting recurrence and metastasis in various cancers, such as liver, colorectal, adrenal and lung cancer.

The research continues.

Dr. Loh's research continues, along with the prospect of the biomarker being approved for clinical use.

A google search can help you find info about Dr. Loh and her biomarker research.

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