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Enhancing Good Bacteria In The Gut – 6 Of The Best Ways To Do It

How Can You Best Enhance The Good Bacteria In Your Gut

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There is a friendly type of bacteria that everybody needs in their gut. For fully optimized digestion, there must be a balance of these friendly or good bacteria and probiotics play a very vital role in this. One of the most important aspects of overall health is a healthy digestive tract that works properly.

Conditions like gas, constipation, bloating, irritable bowels etcetera are all linked to an imbalance or gut bacteria. To avoid all these problems, you need to have the friendly bacterial in the gut but how do you enhance it? Well, fortunately for you, herein is a highlight of all the aspects and very simple methods of boosting good bacteria.

1. You need more fiber in your diet

Just as the best way to good health is through good food, the best way to good bacteria is through food as well. Fiber plays a very imperative role in boosting good bacteria in the body. To start with, fiber is one of the best ways to prevent constipation and in addition to that a good way to increase good bacteria.

This means that if you add fiber rich foods like celery, greens, carrots and different types of fruits to your diet, you will be boosting your health in more ways than one. Greens for instance like leafy vegetables are not only a good source of fiber but are good in reducing inflammation as well.

2. You need to have chocolate, yay!

One of the best ways to enhance good gut bacteria is through chocolate, dark chocolate that is. You might not believe this but dark chocolate will definitely boost good bacteria in your gut. It comes as beneficial probiotics that will not only boost your mood but improve your gut function while at it.

However, do not substitute it for white chocolate because, with it, you will be doing more harm than good. Bad bacteria thrive on sugar and so you will be boosting bad bacteria and doing harm to good bacteria. Stick to dark chocolate, in moderation of course.

3. You need more miso soup

In Japanese tradition, miso soup is made with fermented soybean or brown rice. However, it can also be made with barley and it is a potent source of good bacteria. Apart from that, it also comes with numerous healthy nutrients that will boost your overall health. With some carrots, sweet potatoes and miso boiled together, you will have some delicious miso soup. Actually, you can also use miso in sauces, condiments or salad dressings.

4. Sauerkraut is good for you

Extremely rich in probiotics, sauerkraut is one of the best things that can happen to your gut. You could choose to eat it all by its self or indulge it in a salad or burger. Sauerkraut has so much good bacteria that it will help fight the bad bacteria in the gut. Sauerkraut comes in different versions and kimchi, the Korean version, is a good one to give a try. It normally contains onions, carrots, cabbages and other veggies. Without any gluten, soy or dairy, it works well for everyone.

5. Go for Yogurt

Yogurt is a great source of good bacteria and if you don’t tolerate dairy, there are non-dairy yogurt types like soy yogurt that will render the same effects. Actually, the alternatives of dairy are even more beneficial because they don’t come with as many additives as dairy yogurts, making them a lot healthier. A non-dairy yogurt will not only boost good bacteria but boost your immune system and reduce bloating while at it.

6. Avoid antibiotics as much as you possibly can

Antibiotics are very good at what they are intended to do, which is kill bacteria. However, as good as that does to cure illnesses, antibiotics kill all bacteria, including good bacteria. In order to retain a healthy balance of good bacteria, try to avoid antibiotics as much as you can and when you can’t, ensure you follow all the instructions given.

Breastfeeding is the best way to boost good gut bacteria in babies. As a matter of fact, breast milk wards off bad bacteria that threaten babies’ health. Avoid using antibacterial products around your home because they alter the balance of good bacteria, like bathing soap for instance. Try probiotics soaps instead.

Poor intestinal flora comes with a lot more than just gut problems because allergies and mental conditions are some other consequences. Given the fact that preventing is definitely better than curing, try following some of these ways to enhance good gut bacteria in your gut.

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