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    • HeadyChap

      I think it’s dumb to say white people CAN’T identify with people of colour. I don’t identify with someone any more so because they are white.  sure you say that and maybe you even believe it. Maybe it’s even true. but this isn’t about you specifically. It’s about the white community which has a majority control over media. Who will put out shows about the epitome of human evolution and choose 5’ 3” Scarlett Johansson to be the lead because nothing says epitome of humanity than paleness. Apparently that’s a theme in the movie which has to include the skin. It’s not just Lucy. It’s a majority thing. Sigorney Weaver is playing an Egyptian. The Rock is the only black person IN Hercules. Outside of a few Marvel films whenever someone is playing a different race it’s always a white person playing a black character. Why is this? Because the studio heads the people at the top who make this decision have decided that white people won’t identify which black characters. Best Man Holiday outsold Thor opening night came very close to beating them out for the whole weekend. People like to see people who look like themselves in the movies. This is a truth. People react to it. It’s not that they’re incapable of relating to people who look other but they do like to see something of themselves. The white community is the one that will laud tv shows like Breaking Bad, Weeds, The Sopranos, Dexter but all of the comments on Attack the Block are about how thuggish and violent and unrelatable these disenfranchised kids are because they robbed someone. I could write a whole essay on the white power in Weeds when I marathoned that show. Actually I did when I finished. I kept waiting for someone to mention it in the reviews I would occasionally read, it almost never comes up. Rather than saying white people don’t “understand” the problems of people of colour, why not EDUCATE them instead of attacking them?  Doesn’t that work on the assumption that minority communities haven’t been educating the general community on their condition? Hip Hop, NAACP, media outrage. The narrative is there if anyone would listen. Hip Hop gets tainted when people speaking real stories aren’t spitting gangster rap so they don’t get promotion. Black organizations are depicted as almost relic like. Media outrage gets characterized. Trayvon gets colored as a weedhead who fought too hard when someone attacked him, 400 lb dude standing and talking gets painted as someone making a wealth of money selling loose cigarettes. 16 year old kid who pulls guns on a cop gets shot but that gun is more important than the three bullets that mysteriously appeared in his back. Black stories get shuttled into an ignored category of just that black stories rather than stories from blacks. Unless they’re minstrel like then have no purpose. that is NOT my fault. I was born in 1985, I was not alive during any of the awful atrocities of our past, and I’m sorry but neither were any of you. What happened in the past is devastating, but to perpetuate a hatred based on the colour of someone’s skin because of an issue someone in the past had with your race is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. The first problem is that it’s not about you. You seem like you could be a decent person if you learned a few things. I got no beef with you. This is about the white community of which you happen to be a member. We were not born in slavery but it’s completely and egregiously asinine to presume we don’t have to live with it’s legacy. That is literally the most insulting thing in your post. It was the past get over it, is what you’re saying. We should be saying that to the collective you. Slavery is over why are people like me not being leads in marvel super hero movies. Slavery is over why are people shooting people who look like me over loud music. Slavery is over why isn’t CNN droping world wide new coverage when someone like me goes missing just as often as when someone like you goes missing. It’s incredibly offensive for you to imply that there is no legacy of slavery that. MLK was assassinated in ‘68 that was 46 years ago. Are you suggesting that his death wasn’t linked to slavery? That’s barely a full generation ago, but you think that’s over and done and gone?

    • HeadyChap

      For my money it’s ok to say black. Unless you know he’s literally american not every black person is African-American. That dude with dredlocks and the island accent, not usually american and many of my island people aren’t exactly pleased to be called a Yankee (as they refer to Americans). My family for instance doesn’t care, some of my friends however do. In most cases you can feel free to say black, and this is one of the only times I’m gonna say this to white people in general but just be bold with it. Like it’s just a word. We are black, you are white. No shame in acknowledging that. It’s making the assumptions that are offensive.  I met this black dude and of course he was just so tall - kinda offensive. (is he tall because he’s black or is he tall because he’s a dude.. either way that’s not necessarily cool) I met this black dude and he was tall - kinda not offensive.

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