14 Things Interns Can Teach Their Bosses

Headline Media intern Daniel Etcovitch swears none of these apply to his internship at Headline, but he wanted to channel the experience of his fellow interns around the world.

1. That the verb is not Twittering, Twatting or Twitting

2. That restarting your computer doesn’t fix everything

3. What you can get for under $15 at every restaurant in a 5 block radius

4. That fear really is the best motivator

5. How to get anywhere in the city using public transportation

6. That interns have real names, we’re people too

7. That answering the company phone is terrifying

8. That the words “great job” are way better than buying us lunch

9. But not really, we need to eat

10. That everything on your website is misleading and irrelevant to the work we will actually do

11. That people in the office love to gossip about you

12. That pretending we’re employees is what we have instead of money

13. At the end of the day, working somewhere you love is the most important thing

14. Especially when you’re not getting paid…

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