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People Are Pretending To Faint In Front Of Their Dogs To See How They React

Man's best friend?

You've probably wondered how your pet would react in an emergency situation.

Well, people are now putting that question to the test by pretending to faint in front of their pets — and the results are pretty hilarious.

Some of them are a little confused.

今流行りのやってみた 飼い主がいきなり倒れた時の反応うちの犬ver.

And show a bit of interest.

飼い主がいきなり倒れた時の反応 やってみた…

But the cold hard truth is that most of them just don't care.

やってみた! 飼い主がいきなり倒れた時の反応



And some even use it as an opportunity to escape.

飼い主がいきなり倒れた時の反応 やってみた😂笑

And someone even tried it with their bird, who, unlike the dogs, seemed genuinely concerned.


Moral of the story: get a bird.

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