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    People Are Going Insane Over This Hand Made Clock That Literally Writes The Time.

    This is crazy.

    On February 6th, Twitter user K / $uzuki shared a video of a clock that he made and people are going crazy about it. Watch the video below:

    "I made this for my graduation project. A clock that writes the time. "

    The video has gained more than 130,000 Retweets and 170,000 Likes and the numbers are still growing.

    In the comment section, he said he assembled more than 400 parts to make the clock.

    He told withnews that he came up with this idea last April and after around half a year of trial and error, he started actually building up the clock. He stayed in school from 8AM to 9PM whenever the school was open.

    Uhhhhhh... how is this even possible?

    Giphy / Via
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