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19 Dogs Who Are So Gigantic You Won't Believe They Are Real

This is just unbelievable, folks.

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1. This dog who's bigger than its owner.

2. This dog who's probably trying to kill its owner.

3. This bear.

4. Is this a lion or something?

5. This dog who's gigantic but loyal.

6. This dog who's fluffy enough to be your blanket.

7. This dog who's taller than fridges.

8. They look so happy!

9. This dog who's just trying to dance with its owner.

10. This polar bear.

11. This dog who is actually a wolf.

12. These dogs who like to cuddle with their owner.

13. This dog who's too excited to see its owner.

Oh God...

14. This dog who looks big even without comparison.

Dafping (CC BY-SA 3.0) / Via

15. This dog who thinks it's still a little puppy.

16. This dog who doesn't need this baby to look enormous.

17. This dog who looks more like a bear.

18. This dog who is probably not a dog.

19. And this dog who you should never mess with.

"No no no no please. "

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