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    14 Reasons Why Drunk People Are Pretty Much Cats High On Catnip.

    This is me from last night.

    1. They spill their drinks. / Via Imgur

    2. They don’t respond however hard you try. / Via Imgur

    3. But once you try to take away their drinks, they’re like… / Via Imgur

    4. When they hear their favorite songs, they go like this. / Via Imgur

    5. And get on tables. / Via Imgur

    6. But when you try to talk to them again, they’re still like… / Via Imgur

    7. They can never go home without stumbling and spilling their drinks. / Via Imgur

    8. They manage to get home. But like this. / Via Imgur

    9. And sleep on the floor with their body covered with alcohol like this. / Via Imgur

    10. Or this. / Via Imgur

    11. When you hear something in the kitchen in the middle of the night, you will find this. / Via Imgur

    12. The next day, they wake up like this thinking, “where is I?” / Via Imgur

    13. They also wake up outside. / Via Imgur

    14. And they’re hungover so they spend the next whole day like this. / Via Imgur

    "Let me just take a res..." / Via Imgur
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