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Triple Ps

Through social interaction and intensive care from Parents, Peers, and Professionals, children are able to gain skills and knowledge needed in order to prosper in the world around them. Combining theses areas together will ensure a positive fulfilling life for young children. HDFS 301

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1. Parents

Parents are the first teachers of the outside of world. They provide social cues and language skills in order to prepare them for the socialization of others. " The way parents cuddle, hold, and play with their baby will set basis for how they will interact with them and others" (Moges & Weber, 2014).


"Parents can help their children develop into emotionally stable people by giving them a supportive environment, positive feedback, role models of healthy behavior and interactions, and someone to talk to about their emotional reactions to their experiences. (CDC, 2015)"


"In sum, in social referencing, toddlers move beyond simply reacting to others' emotional messages. They use those signals to evaluate safety and security of their surroundings, to guide their own actions, and gather information about others' intentions and preferences" (Berk, 253)

4. Peers

Social interactions among peers such as play, pretending, and sharing are used to help children develop representational schemas of how one should behave as well as how the world operates. "They serve as socialization agents that help to mold children's behavior and beliefs" (Ormrod, 2010)

7. Professionals


Professionals such as teachers and caregivers are also significant role models in young children's lives. They are trained individuals that specializes in the development in children's cognitive, social, and academic learning. "Teachers need to continuously monitor the student in order for him or her to be aware of any difficulties." (CSUN, 2015)



"The interactions that children have with adults influence how children develop and learn. As a result, early childhood educators have a prime opportunity to provide children with interactions that can support children's growth and development, particularly their language and communication skills." (UNC, 2015)


"Caring teacher- student relationships have an especially strong impact on the achievement and social behavior of low- SES minority students and other children at risk for learning difficulties." (Berk, 470)


"When parents, community members, and teachers work together, children's lives are improved." (Henniger, 2010) With the help of these adults, children of today will be able to successfully maneuver through life with the tools they'll master as they grow up.

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