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Gender And Body Images In Society

Have you ever been bullied about your gender, or body image, the toys you played with as a child, or the way you dress? These are all social constructions that effect everyone. Presented by Myah, Kennedi, Griffen, Lexi, and Poe.

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Differences Between Sex and Gender

There is in fact, a difference between Sex and Gender. When you are born, you are told your biological sex, which is determined by your genitalia. Your gender is how you identify yourself.

Gender Roles

Gender roles are learned behaviors that are implemented early in life through family, friends, and culture.This image shows non- gender typical activity among children. It is common for society to advertise "feminine" toys for girls (barbies, kitchen sets, etc), and "masculine" toys for boys (monster trucks, leggos, etc). This type of categorization imprints the "social norm" on children in their first few years of life.

The Influences on your body images

Body images can be influenced by family, friends, and culture. In society body image is influenced by the ideas of what size, and shape you should be. It's influenced by wanting to look similar to people portrayed in the media.

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