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Advice For Newlyweds

Are you and your partner struggling in the relationship department? Heres some advice to increase the success of your marriage By: Katie Jordan, Rida Rashid, Emily Hwang, Zhanea James, Taylor Sneed, Ryan Wilton.

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1. Effective Communication

Effectively communicating not only verbally, but through gestures, actions, intonations, and sounds can determine if a relationship will be successful and rewarding. Misunderstandings and arguments often occur due to the tone in which the statement is said, not necessarily the idea behind the statement. Being able to effectively communicate with your partner will determine the outcome in most make or break situations the couple encounters.

2. Self-disclosure

Being honest about your thoughts and feelings while having open communication with one another. Finding out that your partner slept with 30 other guys before you is not something you'd like to find out on your wedding day. Being open about your past and presenting your true self to one another will determine if the relationship will endure the struggles of a long term relationship.

3. Honesty

It's important to be honest to your parter as well as yourself. If there is something problematic in your relationship that needs to be addressed, raise the concern to your partner instead of suppressing it. Being honest with them will strengthen your relationship and allow more trust to be established between the two.

4. It's okay to sometimes go to bed mad

As long as you both agree to resolve the conflict later on it is okay to pause the argument and pick it up at a later time. Relationships are not always perfect and can have some hiccups that test them, but as long as the two are committed to resolving the conflict and growing from their mistakes, there's no need to make a big deal out of it.

5. Respect

Make sure you and your partner both respect each others feelings and wishes. Like the wise Kim Kardashian says, "You need to treat people with respect if you wanna get that respect." Knowing each others boundaries and personalities can determine the amount of respect to have with that person and how to show them that you care.

6. Empathetic

Don't only listen to what your partner is saying, but listen to them with understanding and compassion. Anyone can nod their head and agree with another person, but being receptive and open will allow your partner to confide in you with their emotions. Refer to Kourtney Kardashian above for an example of what not to do.

7. Admit when you're wrong

Be willing to acknowledge when you've made a mistake. Nobody wants to be with someone who cannot admit they're wrong and learn from their actions. This will prove that you two are committed to one another and are mature enough to handle adult-like situations together.

8. Love yourself (as well as your partner)

It's difficult to love another person before truly loving yourself. Make sure you're ready for a committed relationship and at a happy place in your life. It will be hard for them to love you back if you can't love yourself in the first place. Once you find that love in your life, be sure to hold onto it and cherish why it is so important to you.

9. Quality time together and time alone

Marriage doesn't mean that you have to spend all of your time together. Its important to be independent and have some alone time in order to refresh your thoughts, morals, and life goals. When you are with your partner, make the time count instead of counting the time. Do activities that you both enjoy, find a hobby together, go on actual dates, treat yourselves once in a while, and have meaningful conversations that will develop your relationship further.

10. Remember why you're with that person in the first place

You fell in love with that person for a reason, so do your best to try to work it out. Think back to the time when you were dating them and remember the good times you've shared together. Go through old photos and videos of memorable moments and spend time talking about the things that led you to one another in that point in time.

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