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8 Ways To Screw Up Your Relationship

100% guaranteed way to become single - By: Mae Christianson, Aubrey Simons, Andrew Jacobs, Rachael Lihosit

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1. Be Clingy

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don't stop calling, constantly tell them how much you love them, write them a song, buy some flowers/chocolate, and spend ALL your time with them...never let them leave your sight.

2. Skip the Shower

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Forget showering and throw away the makeup, be as natural as possible to make sure they get to know the REAL you. Once they see you in your true state they probably will run for the hills to get away from the smell.

3. Let it All Out

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Sharing your feelings with your partner is important because it keeps a relationship open and honest. The best way to show your partner you’re open is to constantly talk about yourself and your feelings. Make sure they know how everything makes you feel, but don’t let them talk about themselves more than you because this is about you, not them.

4. Criticism

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Make sure that when problems arise, you attack the character of your partner rather than addressing the issue head on. Doing this ensures that your partner will have no clue why the argument even began and will likely repeat the same behavior creating a vicious cycle.

5. Hostility, the more the better

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Feeling contempt about your partner is one sure way to successfully blow up a relationship, and it doesn’t take long. By showing disgust and disdain for certain things that your partner may find to be important. Wanna be single? Then label your partner and show criticism in everything they do. Show them you truly don’t care, roll your eyes and sarcastically sigh. By feeling contempt you admit that everything your partner does and takes interest in is stupid and not worth your time or energy.

6. Be Super Defensive

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When your partner tries to bring up an issue, do not listen to them. There is no way that you could have done something wrong and they are absolutely lying. Put those defenses up and let them know that they are wrong because you are perfect. Remember, you have no flaws.

7. Put on Your Poker Face

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Every relationship experiences problems and the worst way to handle it is by ignoring your partner. By not being upfront more problems are likely to stem. Remember, the silent treatment is always the worst treatment.

8. Jump The Gun

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Pressuring them to be exclusive, saying I love you too quickly, suggesting you move in after a month, and introducing them to your parents too soon are all ways to send your partner far away. If that doesn’t work, tell them the name of your future children.

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