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8 Things To Look Out For Before Moving In With Your Partner

By: Gaby Sabatino, Stephanie Bravo, Ellie Digiulio, and Valerie Sherman

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1. Be committed

Individuals’ usually fail in a long-term relationship when their motivation for entering is founded in selfish reasons. Convenience can lead to commitment related issues because partners can be on different pages when it comes to the seriousness of their future together. Make sure you are ready to take the plunge before it's too late.

2. Focus on communication

It is no lie that communication is key to a healthy relationship. To ensure that your relationship can withstand, avoid negative communication patterns that include nagging, stonewalling, and criticizing. Practice more methods that involve positive communication so you don’t end up regretting this big step in your life.

3. Work on conflict management

When conflicts arise (which they will) make sure that you're not ignoring or walking away from situations that make you upset. Address problems that concern each other immediately instead of letting them be. Remember: it's not about what you—it's how you say it.

4. Be ready to face a lack of social support

Moving in before marriage could be a taboo for some traditional families. Therefore, make sure you're prepared to face criticism for your decision. Often the opinions of your family could heavily influence your choices in relationships, so be ready to get comments from people who may not agree with your decision.

5. Money management

Even when living together relationships often still strive for independence. With that being said, when it comes to your money, sit down with your partner and talk about how you will be handling financial circumstances and what your perspective is on whether or not you wish to keep the money separate. This is a common conflict for any couple, so address it before it becomes a problem.

6. Establish goals together

Whether it is the future of your relationship, your own personal careers, or domestic responsibilities, having similar goals, as your partner is a key factor in having a healthy and stable relationship. One of the major factors that could affect a long-term relationship includes setting and striving for the same goals as a couple.

7. Time management

Although you live together, doesn't mean you have to spend all of your time together. It is very important that you make time for yourself and set time aside where you can focus on yourself and your personal well being. Find the balance between complete separation and constant togetherness. Believe it or not, you will get sick of your partner at times.

8. Gender role expectations

There’s no denying the fact that men and women are expected to do different tasks within the household. Living in a modern relationship, these traditional roles may not apply to your relationship. Therefore, be aware of what you are expected to do: split up responsibilities equally so conflict could be avoided. Both men and women can do the cleaning, cooking, and maintenance work—be sure to make those responsibilities clear to one another.

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