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8 Do's And Don'ts Of A Healthy Relationship!

Idara Eno, Brittany Peredo, Emma Kosnik, Olamide Oyeyemi

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1. Do Say How You Really Feel

Communication is key in every relationship. Being honest and open about any issues can keep the relationship free of any confusion. Being able to freely talk to someone you love should be the goal! #baegoals

2. Don't Give the Silent Treatment

Not addressing issues can lead to bad communication barriers. In any relationship, the silent treatment is one of the worst ways to solve the issue. Sometimes it is good to spend time separated from one another during an argument to rethink the situation and calm down. However, the moment you stop communicating and talking to your partner, the moment your relationship is bound to fail. TALK TO YOUR PARTNER; SOLVE THE PROBLEM! #communicate

3. Do Set Aside Quality Time for Your Partner

Having designated times to hang out and spend time together can make it easier to see each other. Time management isn't easy, but knowing when you can spend time with your partner makes it easier to follow through with the plans.

4. Don't Have One Partner Do All the Housework

Sharing is caring! Be sure to communicate who is in charge of which specific chores and house work. Deciding who does what can keep the flow of the home, and it will avoid future arguments.

5. Do Stay Committed

Infidelity is unfair to both partners. Make sure to establish the status of your relationship so both partners are on the same page. Especially in today's age of technology, easy access to porn, vast ways to communicate with strangers in the outside world, and sexting, cheating has developed into a fine line. It can be unclear to certain individuals what is and is not considered cheating. Make sure to know what you are comfortable with and clearly communicate this to your partner. Society may have blurry lines about cheating, but that does not mean your relationship needs to have blurry lines.

6. Don't Fight Over Everything

Petty fights should be avoided. Fights in general can lead to anger derived feelings, and aren't healthy for people who love each other. Although all fights can't be avoided, try to avoid petty fights over money, taking out the trash or sexual favors ;)

7. Do Seek Professional Help

Seeking couple therapy is a great way to maintain and grow a relationship. Counselors can offer advice on how to keep relationships stable, and the excitement levels high. These are two key points in maintaining a healthy relationship.

8. Don't Be Selfish

A relationship is for two people. Don't forget that! Stay aware of your partners feelings and their emotions. Don't ignore their desires, as this could lead to a partner feeling neglected.

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