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7 Ways Tai Chi Helps Manage Everyday Stress

By: Charlie Peckman, Ariana Lizette, and Lah Tu

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There are many escapes to the everyday stress that people experience, but not all of them are beneficial for the human mind. Many people go too far running away from their stress that reduces that their ability to refocus their attention. For example, some people will use television as a way to get their mind off of the stressor, whether that may be homework, reading, studying for a test, etc.; however, television does enable our minds to refocus on the tasks we need to complete. The television dulls our mind and may even increase the impact of stress on our lives.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art of graceful forms and movements that practices focus attention, exercise, and awareness. What unique about Tai Chi is that it requires a constant flow of movement from your body while maintaining concentration on the body's motion and surroundings (Mayo Clinic).

3. A study conducted by Sleep magazine stated that engaging in Tai Chi can not only reduce the effects of some sleep-related disorders, but can also improve the overall quality of sleep. (Sleep Magazine)

4. Numerous medical studies show that being outside to do an activity can relieve not only physical troubles, but mental ones as well. Because Tai Chi is usually held outside, the medical benefits are increased. (Science Daily)

7. Tai Chi can be beneficial for your spiritual life. Monks used Tai Chi as means of becoming more in tune with their bodies and environment.Therefore, this form of martial art helped them to defend themselves through physical health and spiritual growth.

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