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    • HCMess

      Do I need facebook to write here?! Please say no.
      Ok, will ignore the typical bulgarian comenter, i’m also bulgarian and a little young to have exprienced the communist era, but after all - grew up in post socialist Bulgaria.
      One thing to say - It is great that people, photographers explore the history of our world, but please, stop trying that hard. To take real photographs of this historical period you must be part of it, to have experianced it in its glory and in its demise. That is why we rearly see a good, atmospferic and meaningful photo of those buildings and memoirs. And this is why in the end everyone sais “oh, it was such a bad time..” Listen to stories, try to understand you former proud communist grandma - it was a time like any other - with ups and downs.

    • HCMess

      ARE YOU KIDING ME?! Don’t know who you are, that has written this hell of a post, but this is such a classy rich kid tring to show how much better than anyone else he is, that it made me so angry i wanted to write this. First of all, the things you are talking about coast a lot fo money. A lot. And if you’re lucky enough to have that money, good for you, but normal people are not picking extra shifts because they have not though of the idea to go to Puerto Rico, they are, because they don’t have the money to do it. Also, what you explained is not studing, it is touring.
      I can go all night explaining to you why this is out of this world, but i have to go back to my everyday real job. Because I’m not studing abroad i bet…

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