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    40 Pieces Of Workout Gear With Such Good Reviews You May Want To Test Them Yourself

    Get ready to break a sweat and look great while you're at it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes that'll leave your feet feeling ~heavenly~ after each mile. You can slip right into these without even wasting time fumbling with laces!,

    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE these running shoes. They are extremely lightweight, feels like you are running on air yet with support. Super cute, look exactly as pictured and are true to size. I always wear a 6 and the 6 fit me perfectly. I would order these 100 times over, actually contemplating getting another pair in a different color just because these are so perfect. I’ve had them for over two months and they have not worn out at all. Wipes clean and doesn’t stain which is amazing!! I regularly run outside so I destroy my running shoes, these I’ve just taken a wet paper towel to and they are good as new! Sooo so happy with this purchase!" —Kat

    Get them from Amazon for $32+ (available in women's sizes 5–11 and 45 styles).

    Psst: This item is included in Prime Wardrobe, so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    2. A set of moisture-wicking socks to keep your toes feeling fresh, even after a long day on your feet.


    Promising review: "So you know that problem when your running socks slouch below your shoe, and WHAM! Blister. This DOES NOT happen with these socks. That little tabby-thing in the back is amazing for preventing sock slippage, and these are awesome. They're not too heavy (which is great —dude, I hate bulky socks!), but they're hefty enough that you don't feel like you're going to put a hole in the sock after the first few runs. I'm crazy prone to blisters, and these are perfect. Tight enough not to slide around, tab on the back to prevent slippage, thick enough to keep your wee toesies warm on an early morning run. No complaints here; Saucony makes wonderful socks." —Amy

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $13.95+ (available for shoe sizes 5–13 and 23 styles).

    3. Allbirds Dashers that'll make you feel like you're walking on air even if you're dripping sweat and huffing 'n' puffing from your outdoor run.


    Without access to the gym last year I had to push myself to learn to run while safely social distancing (which is NOT an easy feat). I’ve had multiple foot injuries (I’m very accident prone) so choosing the right sneaker has been a challenge. I’ve tried out manyyyy different pairs but the only ones that have truly won over my heart are the Allbirds Dashers. I got them in a stunning mint green color and get tons of compliments on them. They’re super supportive, lightweight, and have held up great against months of running outdoors. Honestly, I’m already looking into buying a second pair!

    Get them from Allbirds for $125 (available in men's sizes 8–14 and 16 styles, women's sizes 5–11 and 19 styles)

    4. A sweat-wicking racerback tank, perfect for wearing to work out or if you're running late.,

    Promising review: "These are my new favorite workout shirts. I use them for running and HIIT workouts. They are perfect for anything that involves sweating. I have them in almost every color. The price is perfect for what you get and the fit is exactly what you expect. The material is thin, but I prefer that in an active shirt for breath-ability. These shirts are perfect for anything gym and outdoor activity related!! I really love this brand." —JanetSnakehole

    Get it from Amazon for $10.39+ (available in sizes XS–XL, in sets of three, and 18 styles).

    Psst: This item is included in Prime Wardrobe, so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    5. A colorful pullover for when you want to go on an early morning outdoor adventure or late night walk when the air is just a *touch* too brisk to go without sleeves.

    a model in a light blue tie dye pull over

    Promising review: "LOVE!! Material is so soft, fit well, and as a bonus there are pockets! Which I didn’t realize until after a few wears. I loved so much I bought the sweatshirt in more colors!" —Jess

    Get it from Target for $24 (available in sizes XS–2XL, 1X–4X, and 11 colors)

    6. Leggings you'll easily be able to wear to work out or to scroll endlessly through your Instagram feed — they're stretchy and have a nonhugging fit that'll feel appropriate for either activity. We love a two-for-one piece of clothing!,

    Promising review: "I love these leggings! They've held up to every workout I've put them through (running, HIIT, hiking, strength workouts, etc). I've washed and dried them several times with no pilling and no shrinkage. The price is a steal for the quality of these leggings! I'll definitely be buying more!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $16.98+ (available in sizes XS—2XL, packs of two, and 39 colors).

    7. Asics Gel Venture sneakers that have a built-in cushion to keep you feeling supported at all times. They also come in a ton of fun colors so you better believe your workout style will remain on point.,

    A few years ago I broke my foot and found I needed major support from my sneakers, not just for working out but for everyday use. I bought my first pair of Asics and never looked back. They are cushioned, comfortable, and exactly what you'd want in a sneaker — and over 12.6K Amazon customers agree!

    Promising review: "I love these shoes! I am hard to please due to plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, and lots of screws in my ankle. Great arch support and really beautifully designed shoe. The photo doesn't do them justice. They make me happy looking at them and wearing them. I only wear them to work out and they feel great! Great price too!!" —T. Discosola

    Get them from Amazon: for $64.95+ (available in women's sizes 5–11 and in 10 styles).

    8. Sorel Kinetic Impact Lace Sneakers with a futuristic look to them, perfect for your trip to the Year 3000 with the Jonas Brothers!

    a model in white sneakers with yellow and tan accents

    I recently snagged a pair of these in the Sea Salt/Yellow style and am *obsessed* At first I naively thought I was supposed to untie the laces — please learn from my errors and note that the laces actually do go around the bottom fo the shoe! They're a fun play on the street style trend and will surely become a favorite in my sneaker line-up.

    Promising review: "I normally don't like wearing tennis shoes all day because my feet tend to sweat in them, then swell when I take them off. These are the best brand of tennis shoes I have ever owned. They feel wonderful on my arthritic feet, and my feet breathe in them all day, so they never sweat and don't swell up when I take them off. I bought a second pair in white. Well worth the money. All my other tennis shoes are going to Goodwill." —SBoo

    Get them from Amazon for $134.96+ (available in women's sizes 5–12 and six styles).

    9. A set of colorful hair ties designed to keep your mermaid-like tresses in place so you won't have to think about anything other than crushing your workout goals.

    woven hair ties in an array of bright colors
    Free People

    Promising review: "Also great for bracelets in unique colors. These are super soft and do a great job at holding your hair. I have to admit though, I'm mostly using them as bracelets! ;)" —FPFlak

    Get a set of 10 from Free People for $20 (available in three styles).

    10. Yoga pants with mesh side panels that'll really give you that breath of fresh air your overheated body is craving during your next downward dog pose.,

    Promising review: "Once I started working out and getting sweaty, these leggings held like a dream and were very comfortable. It was sort of like a yoga towel, the more you sweat the better it works. I am also hopeful that these will hold up well as they didn't pill at all after wearing them (and I've got thick ol' thighs that cause basically every pair of pants I wear to pill the first time I wear them). Definitely worth a try, especially at this price!" —Mal

    Get it from Amazon for $16.98+ (available in sizes XS–2XL and 40 colors).

    11. A six-pack of knit scrunchies you can use as both an accessory and a way to keep your hair from sticking to the back of your sweaty neck.


    Promising review: "I purchased these to put my hair up after I shower to help give my hair a natural wave. Since hair is particularly prone to breakage when its wet, using a scrunchy keeps my hair from breaking and give a more natural look to the waves in my hair after it dries and I take out the scrunchy. They do not pull on my hair but are not so loose that they will come out easily. I can actually sleep with it in my hair and they stay put all night." —Amazon Customer

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $5.49+ (available in two styles).

    12. A pair of bike shorts available in SO many colors you can snag a pair for every day of the week. Did I mention they have....pockets?!,

    BuzzFeed editor (and bike short fan) Emma Lord has and likes these:

    "I bought these for running last month and WHOOPS, I wear them all the time. Very comfortable, just the right amount of compression, and they wash up really nicely."

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes XS–3XL and in 43 colors, prints, and lengths).

    13. An Under Armour sports bra that'll provide you with full coverage — your boobs won't feel like the bouncing ball that follows lyrics in kid's sing-a-long videos the next time you go for a jog., Amazon

    BuzzFeed editor Hannah Loewentheil loves this bra!"Running with boobs can be a struggle that only a really good sports bra can alleviate. I love this Under Armour bra because it provides full coverage, solid support, and it's very comfortable. I personally don't like wearing padded sports bras, so this one is perfect for me. It's also more affordable than most other sports bras I've tried in the past, so I can buy a few and rotate them without having to worry about constantly doing the laundry."

    Get it from Amazon for $28 (available in sizes XS–XL and 17 colors).

    14. Nike Joyride Run Flyknit sneakers featuring pods of tiny beads in the sole that'll move around as you run to provide you with the utmost comfort while you race around your neighborhood.

    light blue sneakers with pale blue accents and beads in the heels

    BuzzFeed editor Genevieve Scarano has and loves these sneaks:

    "These Nike sneakers are amazing. They're lightweight and feel like soft pillows on my feet when I'm running on a road or sidewalk. Plus the beanbag-like technology they have for cushioning is really cool."

    Get them from Amazon for $134.90+ (available in women's sizes 6–11 and 10 styles).

    15. An embroidered hat that'll keep the sun out of your eyes *and* provide you with a lil' Disney magic to help you get the most out of your run.

    999Spyglass / Etsy

    Every hat is made to order and is so well-crafted from this woman-owned small business, you'll likely start making excuses to wear one. Bad hair day every day? Yep, sounds good. You can also have custom embroidery added onto the back! I have and have gifted Claire's items many times now — they never disappoint to impress. 999Spyglass Is a small business based out of Baltimore, Maryland that sells, obviously, embroidered hats!

    Get it from 999Spyglass on Etsy: Sleeping Beauty Castle (left) or Cinderella Castle (right) for $24.99+ each (available with or without extra monogramming and in 13 colors).

    16. And a hat liner to protect your fave headgear from your sweaty scalp when you're out and about in the hot sun.

    the model of a hand applying the liner to a hat

    Promising review: "I love these hat liners! My head sweats a lot! I bring a towel just to wipe my head between holes. I was able to get four weekends' worth of golfing from ONE liner in 80- and 90-degree weather! AND it saved my brand-new golf hat. My first golf hat is ruined from a 1-inch-wide sweat stain on the brim. BUY THESE LINERS to SAVE your $$$$!" —Golfer64

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $12.99.

    17. Black leggings from Terez with a subtle star design on them to ensure no matter where you're going or what you're doing you'll look *out of this world*.

    a model in black leggings with black foil stars on them

    Terez is a women-owned and -operated NYC based brand.

    Promising review: "I love these leggings!! They fit well, are comfortable, durable and stylish." —Michelle P

    Get them from Terez for $100 (available in sizes 2XS–XL, 1X–3X and four colors).

    18. Nike Revolution 5 running shoes feature a mesh upper for optimal breathability and a soft foam mid-sole for lightweight cushioning. You can say "adios!" to your old pair of torn-up Nikes.

    red nike sneakers

    Promising review: "Quite possibly the best sneaker purchase I've made in years!!! The fit, the look, the comfortability, the support are seriously amazing. I immediately ordered two more pairs of the same model: black/white and the gray/white, which should be arriving today. The navy/white pair is next on my horizon." —Cory J. Chryst

    Get them from Amazon: men's for $53+ (available in sizes 6–15 and 19 styles), women's for $59.35+ (available in sizes 5–11 and 3 styles).

    19. A sporty swimsuit that'll protect your skin from strong UV rays while you boogie board, surf, or slay in beach volleyball.,

    Promising review:"This product was amazing no sunburn and I was in the sun for three hours in 115 degree weather" —frances

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes S–2XL and 15 styles).

    20. A long sleeve athletic shirt, made of highly breathable fabric that'll make your morning run much more enticing.


    Promising review: "The fit and function of this shirt were terrific! The moisture-wicking performed like a champ on a strenuous hike up Springer Mountain, Georgia, on the Appalachian Trail, but it also served as a nice base layer, keeping me warm when we would stop hiking, to rest, in the lower 30s-degree weather with 20+ mph winds. I was SO impressed with this shirt, not only will I be purchasing more, I will be looking into their tall, short sleeve shirts as well!" —Ronald W. Harrison

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in men's sizing, regular XS–4XL, tall L–4XL, and 31 colors).

    21. A running belt that'll hold your necessities so you can focus on breaking your personal record instead of keeping track of whether you've lost your keys.,

    Promising review: "Love this belt! It is super comfortable and sturdy. I bought the belt to hold my iPhone 8 Plus and keys while I run. The iPhone 8 Plus is a tight squeeze but fits even in its OtterBox case. I love the hook to snap my keys on so they stay in place and I don’t have to worry about them falling out. I did not even find the need to flip the belt as my phone and keys felt secure and I wanted easier access to my phone. It fits snugly on my hip and the belt did not bounce around on my run even with my heavy phone inside. All in all super happy with this purchase. Worth every penny!" —Elise V. Ryding

    Get it from Amazon for $21.69+ (available in sizes 2XS–2XL and 13 colors).

    22. Or a Stoney Clover fanny pack for when you want to go hands-free on your daily walk but don't want to leave your essentials behind (you'll need cash for the inevitable iced coffee you're likely to buy).

    stoneyclover / Via, Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    During last year's quarantine when I no longer had access to the gym, I (bravely) took up running outdoors. Running is no joke! It's hard, but also very rewarding. One of the things I struggled with was having somewhere to put my phone when the weather got hot and I was no longer wearing a jacket. Enter: the Stoney Clover fanny pack. It's super cuuuuute, can be personalized with a variety of patches, and truly stays in place while running. I'm obsessed with mine and will definitely wear it while running errands as well.

    Get it from Stoney Clover for $88+ (available in 15 colors with or without customization).

    23. A new outfit from Outdoor Voices, including a bra and leggings, so you can look and feel your best when you arrive at the gym.

    Outdoor Voices

    You can choose from three different bra styles and four types of leggings to put together your perfect workout ~look~. While one pair of leggings usually costs $75, when you by Outdoor Voices' Rec Kit you'll get a full outfit for $95. Not bad, I tell ya ;) I personally own a pair of the leggings and they are the softest material I've ever laid my hands on — nearly velvety. Don't sleep on these, treat yourself.

    Promising review (for the leggings): "The perfect go-to, do-anything black leggings! I'd wear them every day if I could. The waistband is wide and stays in place, and the overall fit is extremely flattering. These leggings are great for casual use, but the material looks and feels so high quality that I know they'll hold up to less sweaty workouts (biking, hiking, walking, jogging). My wardrobe is complete with the addition of these leggings." —Sarah

    Get it from Outdoor Voices for $95 (both bras and leggings available in sizes XS–XL and nine colors).

    24. A pair of bike shorts, sure to become your go-to pair because of their structured fit. I'd totally wear these with an oversized vintage tee in addition to my workout gear.

    a model wearing the black bike shorts
    Good American

    I have never been disappointed by any item from Good American. I love how their athletic gear (and their denim, too!) has a stretch to it while also being supportive. In my opinion there are few things as satisfying as a piece of clothing you can wear to bring a sweat just as easily as you can rock at brunch — these bike shorts from GA are *it*.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these shorts. They’re so breathable and so comfortable. Not to mention they made my curves look banging!" —Margarer W.

    Get them from Good American for $65 (available in sizes 0–8).

    25. A 3-pack of sports bras designed for low impact workouts you can wear for a brisk walk or to do yoga then leave on for the rest of the day — less laundry!,

    Promising review: 'I was nervous when I got a small because smalls can be too tight. However, these fit great! They are incredibly soft and comfortable. The padding is thicker than other bras I have with removable pads, which is nice. I used it for climbing and abs today. It was supportive." —Angela Marie Jones

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes S–3XL and eight styles).

    26. A pair of period-proof underwear designed to hold up to two tampons' worth of blood, which will be an absolute game changer for your workouts during that *time of the month*.

    A reviewer in black underwear

    Reviewers rave about this underwear but do say that they run small, so order one size up! BuzzFeed editor Emma Lord is a big fan of this product:

    "They're also ideal for overnight protection (you can pair them with a pad if you have a heavy flow) and for people who are worried about leakage during sports or physical activities — I personally always wear either these period-proof undies when I go on runs on my period, and it has been a MASSIVE godsend. Also, unlike your regular undies, you don't have to scrub the blood out of these — they're designed so it rinses right out in the sink with soap and warm water, and can get tossed in the washer and dryer from there."

    Get it from Amazon for $14.90+ (available in sizes XS-6XL and in 11 colors and varieties).

    27. A longline sports bra that'll turn heads in your next yoga class (whether it's virtual or IRL!). It's super supportive and has eye-catching straps in the back.,

    BuzzFeed editor Abby Kass has and loves this tank:

    "After writing about this sports bra for so long and seeing the number of five-star reviews increasing, I decided to try it out myself. I first got it in black and liked it so much that I've gone back to purchase it in multiple colors (and am currently considering more). It is SO comfortable and soft. I wear the black one with a pair of Lululemon leggings, and honestly, they feel about the same. It is super supportive, and I really like the extra length because I like having that little bit of extra coverage. I've worn it for yoga and cardio classes, and it's just as great for both. I highly recommend this sports bra, especially for the price."

    Get it from Amazon for $28 (available in sizes XS-XL and in 29 styles).

    28. High-waisted leggings from Aerie's Offline collection, aka my holy grail, wear every single day, absolute favorite pair of leggings. They're stretchy, soft, and perfect for both working out or hanging out. I simply adore them.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Aerie

    During this entire year (wow) of working from home I have made it a personal goal to find the BEST black leggings of all time. The GOAT of leggings. And for me, Aerie's are IT! Between this style and their crossover pair, I've been wearing mostly these "to work" for 12 months. I own multiple black pairs and love that they come in short lengths! A game-changer for me! These are the most affordable of all the leggings I've tried and loved — I simply cannot recommend them enough.

    Get them from Aerie for $31.46 (originally $44.95; available in sizes 2XS–2XL, in regular, long, and short lengths, and five colors).

    29. Compression shorts, so you can show off your booty while killin' it during your next workout. Slipping into these will be reason enough to get motivated to sweat.,

    Promising review: "These are snug, yes, but they don't budge during workouts. Further, after a good pull to stretch out the seams (you know how you have to do that for some clothes?), the fit corrected and is perfect. They feel secure rather than limiting, and comfortable throughout the waist, butt, and thighs. Unlike my UA compressions, my large butt (I powerlift) stays covered no matter what I do. In the end, I'm very pleased with these shorts and will wear them often, especially for my occasional crossfit-like workouts that involve lots of jumping, bending, and moving, in general." —kjmischk

    Get them from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in sizes XS—XL and 23 colors).

    30. Star Wars-inspired boxing gloves from Sanabul to help you *really* feel the force during your next workout.

    a pair of black boxing gloves with a darth vader design on them in grey

    I have a pair of Sanabul boxing gloves and they are no joke. When I was able to safely go to a gym (sigh) I'd strap these bad boys on and go to town on the bag. Is there any better way to relieve pent-up frustration? I think not! Anyways, these were super comfortable and durable. I'd definitely recommend!

    Get them from Sanabul for $59.99 (available in 12- or 14-oz and four styles).

    31. A lightweight windbreaker with weather-resistant protection, a must for anyone looking to add early morning bike rides or hikes into their routine.


    Promising review: "This is my all-time favorite jacket. Goes with me everywhere I go, it’s packable enough to not even second guess myself if I should bring it or not. I use it mainly for bike rides around town and any trips I might need a shell to go over some insulation. Works awesome for how minimal this jacket is." —Marti

    Get it from Patagonia for $99 (available in men's sizes XS–2XL and in seven styles and in women's sizes XS–XL and in eight styles).

    Or check out a similar jacket on Amazon for $39.98+ (available in women's sizes XS–3XL and in 14 styles).

    32. Or a half-zip version from Girlfriend Collective that'll make you feel like a fitness star getting ready to pose for the cover of Women's Health and tell the world about your exercise secrets.

    a model in a green half zip wind breaker
    Girlfriend Collective

    I have this cropped jacket and am a big fan! It's extremely lightweight and perfect for those days with weird in-between-seasons weather. It has pockets so I can pop my phone and keys right in without concern of having to carry anything while running — a delight, TBH.

    Promising review: "I get so many compliments every time I wear this! it's the perfect crop length and so breathable, still really comfortable to wear even when it's hot!" —Lauren S.

    Get it from Girlfriend Collective for $98 (available in sizes 2XS–5XL and two colors).

    33. A tank top with a motivational message to throw on when you're really struggling but know you'll feel great like a champion once you finish your workout.

    a light blue tank top with the words "it won't be easy but it will be worth it" on it blue font
    ShutYourMouthDesigns / Etsy

    ShutYourMouthDesigns is a small business based out of San Tan Valley, Arizona that sells customized apparel.

    Promising review: "Very soft and very nice shirt! I definitely recommend sizing up, if possible. It shipped pretty quickly. I loved the thank you card included in the shipment. I definitely highly recommend purchasing from this shop." —Christina

    Get it from ShutYourMouthDesigns on Etsy for $22+ (available in sizes S–2XL and in 11 colors).

    34. A ribbed sports bra, so soft to the touch you might want just go ahead and buy an extra one right off the bat.

    Set Active

    I have this bra and I've worn it both throughout my work day and during my sweat sessions. I'm a DD (I got a large, obviously) so any bra I work out in is no joke. This one is supportive but doesn't make me feel like I'm being squished to death. I've been wearing it while boxing and it's been fantastic! I also love the pop of color it brings to my typically all-black workout wardrobe.

    Get it from Set Active for $45 (available in sizes XS–L and nine colors).

    35. High-waist leggings you can throw on to lounge around your apartment or take for a spin (literally, on a bike), truly the most versatile (and necessary) item of clothing you'll ever own.


    Promising review: "Wow! I was extremely skeptical of these leggings considering they’re a 'one size fits all' type of deal. I am 5-foot-5 and curvier. I was worried they were going to be too tight or see-through. However, that’s not the case! They are not see-through even after three washes so far. They are extremely soft and comfortable. The only thing I noticed is they are more of a muted black compared to some of my other leggings but it’s barely noticeable. I liked them so much I ordered a second pair. Def would recommend!" —nichole campton

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in two sizes and in 22 colors).

    36. A high-support sports bra you'll be able to rely on whether you're training for a 5K or finally trying out that intense virtual Zumba class you've always been intimidated by.

    Girlfriend Collective

    Promising review: "Truly don't know what I did before this sports bra. I ordered a size down than I would normally wear because I like a very tight fit, and it's made this the perfect running bra. It's supportive but not constrictive, and it's comfortable enough to wear around the house, do pilates in, etc. You also can't beat the fact that it's ethically made — Holy grail all around, the Paloma is such a winner." —R.T.

    Get it from Girlfriend Collective for $38 (available in sizes 2XS–6XL, 6X–6X and 12 styles).

    37. Yoga pants that'll make all your lazy day dreams *and* workout style goals come true — they're high-waisted, have pockets, and are extra comfortable.,

    Promising review: "These leggings are AMAZING — the quality is seriously as good as my Spanx leggings. I’m so so impressed. After reading reviews, I decided to size down one to an XS (I normally wear a small) and am glad I did. They fit perfectly. Will be buying more colors. Don’t hesitate, buy these!" —Megan

    Get them from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in sizes XS–XL and 34 styles).

    38. A cropped tank top to help you keep cool and look so cute in the inevitable mirror pic you take to let the squad know "look, I'm working out!",

    BuzzFeed editor Abby Kass has and loves this tank:

    "I ordered this top a few months ago after seeing so many Tik Toks about it to see what the hype was all about, and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The top is so comfortable and hits right where my high-waisted leggings end, which means there's no extra fabric around my waist. The top is great for low-impact workouts — but I also love to wear it every day because it eliminates the need to wear a sports bra and a tank top, so it's perfect to layer under sweatshirts and even sweaters."

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99 (available in sizes S-2XL and 19 colors).

    39. Brooks Ghost 13 sneakers that'll quickly become your go-to pair for outdoor running. You're gonna love their supportive cushioning and durability.

    a reviewer in light blue sneakers

    These are the most recent addition to my outdoor running/walking sneaker collection. I really like the cushioning in these babies and how shock absorbent the base of the shoe is. The bottoms are a bit rigid, so they make me feel a lot more sturdy when walking on wet ground. I didn't even need a break-in period! They were comfortable from the first time I laced-up.

    Get them from Amazon: women's for $129.95 (available in sizes 5–13, medium and wide widths, and 20 styles), men's for $129.95 (available in men's sizes 7–15, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths, and 17 styles).

    40. And Athletic headbands to keep your hair outta ya face — an absolute must for anyone who was lucky enough to go for bangs and actually LOOK GOOD with them. (Jealous).,

    Promising review: "This is a fantastic purchase! 10 headbands for an amazing price! Great selection of colors, they are made well, and they fit perfectly! I have spent $10-20 on one headband that was the same quality, so this purchase completely blew me away!" —AMZing Kristen

    Get a set of 10 from Amazon for $17.99.

    Now if only I had some natural athletic ability...

    The Walt Disney Company / Pixar

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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