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What Has Been Your Most Creative Idea For Making Virtual Hangouts Fun?

Don't be shy.

Whether you and your squad prefer Zoom, Google Hangouts, or good ol' Facetime, I'm sure (just like the rest of us) you've been hanging out virtually these days.

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IDK about you guys, but my friends and I have started to exhaust our options for at-home fun and could definitely benefit from some new tips and tricks. So tell me, what's the MOST fun thing you've done while virtually hanging out with your friends?

So far, my girlfriends and I threw a surprise bachelorette party for my best friend whose trip to Austin (very sadly) had to be postponed.

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

We shipped a bunch of decorations to her apartment, which her fiancé displayed while she was out picking up dinner. Yes, he did blow up that massive penis all by himself. Sounds like a keeper to me! We played drinking games and watched a YouTube compilation of Magic Mike performances ;) .

During our first week of self-isolation, I shaved my husband's head for the first time in his life while on Zoom with all of our friends.

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

I was *very* sweaty and nervous about actually being the "barber." Thankfully it turned out OK! We didn't tell our friends about our plan and they all got a real kick out of it. Everyone really appreciated when we separately FaceTimed my mother-in-law to get her reaction.

We've also done more *normal* things together like play games on Jackbox (the T-shirt game is our fave) and have enjoyed playing a free online version of Codenames.

playjackboxgames / Via, playjackboxgames / Via

Be sure to give your silliest or most inappropriate answers during ALL of the Jackbox games and you'll be laughing for hours. Codenames is also great for a group — we divide ourselves into teams and play all night (it gets super competitive).

Or maybe you're a teacher and you've been using silly hacks to keep your students engaged.

ianaggie / Via

So, let me know! What are you doing to make virtually hanging out the most fun? Tell us in the comments (and share a photo if you can!) below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.