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    26 Shoes You'll Want To Wear On Your Wedding Day

    You can check one thing off your wedding to-do list without even leaving the house!

    1. Strappy shoes with a ~hearty~ heel that'll quickly become an object of your affection.

    2. Ballet shoes with an ankle strap you'll feel like a delicate princess in while COMFORTABLY walking down the aisle.

    3. Spectacular pumps that are so sparkly, they might even outshine your engagement ring.

    4. Or similar shoes featuring lace detail on the back that'll look simply stunning in photos.

    5. Bedazzled sandals you'll love for the way they sparkle in the sunlight.

    6. Low block heels with scallop straps to add a little ~somethin' somethin'~ to your already fabulous look.

    7. Or elegant pumps featuring transparent trim along the side that'll look incredible when you strike an Angelina Jolie leg pose.

    8. Kitten heels embellished with crystals you'll get tons of compliments on during your cocktail hour.

    9. Lucite heels to create a look similar to Cinderella's without having to sacrifice comfort.

    10. Pumps that'll complete the vintage look you've been working so hard to curate for your wedding day.

    11. Low heel sandals covered in sparkly rhinestones, guaranteed to make sure you outshine all of your guests' footwear.

    12. Slingback heels with a pointed toe and a tiny strip of color to seamlessly serve as your "something blue."

    13. Satin peep-toe pumps you'll love so much you'll plan a vow renewal just to wear 'em again.

    14. Or chic pastel sandals, for a unique take on an old tradition.

    15. Bedazzled T-strap wedges that'll dazzle while you break it down during your first dance as a married couple.

    16. Gray bridal pumps to match both your beautiful gown and your after-party look.

    17. Flat shoes you'll be able to easily walk around for hours while making small talk with family members you didn't even know you had.

    18. Flip-flops, perfect for leaving a trail of "happily ever afters" during your ceremony on the beach.

    19. Or fabulous sneakers that have tiny pearls lining the bottom, a must-have for anyone who plans to spend their whole night on the dance floor.

    20. Sneakers you can change into during your reception when your feet inevitably start to hurt from standing around posing for pictures for HOURS in heels.

    21. Classy heels with subtle blue bottoms to add an extra ounce of shimmer 'n' shine to your wedding day.

    22. Satin shoes you'll float down the aisle in because they're so darn comfortable.

    23. Closed-toe heels with a unique, bedazzled, strap that'll make heads turn when you enter the room.

    24. Lace Mary Jane block heels to make sure you'll easily be able to perform that coordinated dance you and your S.O. have been planning for months.

    25. Peep-toe heels with open sides and simple rhinestone accents for an elegant bridal look.

    26. And customized decals you can add to the bottom of any shoes to make them extra memorable for your special day.

    You, running to go get your credit card:

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