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    38 Ways To Refresh Your Home Before Getting Started On All Your Summer Fun

    Chances are, you have quite a few items in your home that could benefit from a deep cleaning sesh.

    1. Refresh your closet and make room for your fave summer sundresses but putting away all of those thick, bulky winter items away for the season. You can use vacuum sealed bags (both hanging and stackable) to make quick work of storing your coats and sweaters.

    2. Say a temporary "buh-bye" to your darker, heavier curtains and break out lighter curtains to take advantage of all the natural light in a room where you don't sleep. (Shout out to blackout curtains for bedrooms!)

    room with a desk beside of a window with a curtain panel that's floral print with tassel trim

    3. Or at the very least, wash those curtains! They've likely been collecting dust and would most definitely benefit from a solid cleaning.

    And if you don't have any you *can* wash, there are a ton of machine-washable curtains on Amazon.

    4. Treat your outdoor furniture with some rust-stopping spray paint that'll help revive them just in time to host backyard hangouts.

    half painted metal garden archway

    5. Swap out your AC filters, so when the first *truly* hot day approaches you'll be ready to crank up your AC and bask in the chilled air without having to fret over your allergies.

    6. Add some globe string lights to your yard so you can enjoy your patio even if the sun is still setting early. (And, of course, if you want to stay out late!)

    Promising review: "Absolutely love the dim feature! These bulbs are more round than oval like others, but I love them. When they are off, there’s a cool yellow in them that offers a lovely aesthetic when not in use. Our pergola is wired for lights so we mounted them on and almost always dim them because the white pergola reflects the light. These lights have made our patio my new favorite spot in the house. My husband and I find the evenings so relaxing, we’ve literally grown closer together from spending time out under the lights in our new favorite place." —fishurmo

    Get them from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in 27, 48, and 97 feet).

    7. Consider purchasing an adjustable umbrella with lights inside of it that'll make it an asset to your patio's decor both during the day and at night.

    the standing umbrella in teal
    the same umbrella tilted to the side at night to show the solar lights inside

    Promising review: "I am quite happy with this umbrella. It’s lightweight, making it easy to open and close. Very attractive. Water resistant. Provides great shade for my deck. The solar feature is awesome I especially like the fact that there’s an on/off switch for the lights so that the lights won’t be on when the umbrella is down. It charges even when in the off position. The lights are not too bright and provide just the right amount of lighting without looking gaudy." —Kathy

    Get it from Amazon for $71.99 (available in 11 colors).

    8. Or a fantastic clip-on light that'll easily attach to the patio umbrella you already own and love — no need to splurge on an entirely new one when you can just use this lil' gadget to upgrade it!

    It has three different brightness options so you can set *~the mood~* perfectly. It also requires AA batteries, so be sure to pick those up as well.

    Promising review: "This light is great!!! It has three settings, to adjust the amount of brightness you need. Lowest level is great for just sitting around your patio table and having a couple of drinks with friends. Brightest setting is PERFECT for playing cards! We play cards a few times a month. We decided to try and play outside. There are two 70+-year-olds who did not complain that they couldn’t see. So, works great in my book! 😁" —Mandie Jordan

    Get it from Amazon for $11.97.

    9. Try to remember to pull up weeds after it rains when the soil's softer. You can make this daunting task even easier by using this standing weeder. (No more bending over to retrieve those dandelions.)

    10. Double check that your yard's sprinklers are actually positioned properly — what's the point if they're only watering your sidewalk, driveway, or house??? It'll help you use your water more efficiently *and* help your siding avoid rotting.

    11. Set aside some time to clean every mattress in your home (yes, even the least-used one in your guest room!) with a specialized mattress vacuum that you can also use on all your upholstered furniture.

    12. Replace your dusty blinds with a window film that'll still let in *tons* of light while also adding some pizzazz to whichever room you place them.

    reviewer's window with holographic geometric frosted covering

    13. Install an automatic bleach toilet cleaning system — after you've done a thorough job cleaning, this handy dandy gadget will have your back. It'll send cleaner into your bowl with each flush.

    A reviewer photo of the installed system, which clips on to the tank and attaches to two of the toilet's internal tubes

    14. Add a weather-resistant indoor/outdoor rug to your patio — a little decor goes a long way! You'll get tons of compliments on how fabulous your room looks without having to put forth much effort.

    outdoor room with patio furniture with printed rug on the patio surface

    15. Invest in a roll of faux ivy to help create some privacy from your nosy neighbor who always seems to be poking their head through the fence when you have friends over for a BBQ.

    16. Swap out the cracked wood cutting boards you've been using since you moved into your first apartment with fresh ones.

    three wooden cutting boards

    17. Use a power washer to restore your deck or back patio to the way it looked when you first set foot on it — so clean you could eat off it! But...maybe don't.

    18. Place a sunshade triangle over the sunniest area in your yard — it'll block up to 95% of UV rays and keep things a bit cooler (so you can enjoy even MORE time out there).

    The sunshade

    Promising review: "My pool is awesome when it gets into the hundreds of degrees here in California. We decided to grab a 20x20x20 triangle and holy cow does it do a number on the backyard! Not only does it keep my pool better-shaded, but it also keeps the sun off of my back patio during the hottest part of the day."Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $26.98+ (available in 6 sizes and 13 colors).

    19. Clean out your coffee machine with K-Cup cleaning pods — you won't believe how much gunk is built up inside there. The glass on the left shows the progress with a few cycles.

    20. After you've cleaned your grill (this cleaner is legit), add these magnetic grill lights to it. They're a must-have if you tend to get home from work after the sun has already set but still find yourself wanting a fresh burger or hot dog.

    Promising review: "This was a surprise for my husband. He loves them. The lights are nice and bright and make grilling those last few things that didn't get finished before dark hot. He's also used them early in the morning when he's setting the smoker up before dawn. He's happy and finding them very useful. He especially loves the magnet on bottom so he can hang them off of so many things while he's busy and he can use the flexibility to shine them where he needs them. Very awesome and easy to use." —Holly Gomez

    Get two from Amazon for $22.99.

    21. Take inventory of chemicals and cleaners in your garage and toss out any that have expired or dried-up.

    22. And while you're at it, do the same for your pantry and medicine cabinet items — when Hay Fever strikes and you've turned into Sneezy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you won't discover (to your horror) that your allergy meds expired month prior.

    And if a pantry clear out means that you need to invest in some new spices, check out a kit of 12 spices from Amazon for $23.95.

    23. Clean lint out from your dryer with a special brush to keep its lint trap clear of debris and make drying cycles/the appliance more effective for longer.

    person using long brush to clean out the lint trap in a front-load clothes dryer

    24. And clean your dirty dishes with dishwasher-cleaning tablets — they'll get rid of odor- and buildup-causing residue.

    25. Treat yourself to a fresh welcome mat, since you and I both know your current one probably looks like it's lost a war with your slush-covered winter boots.

    doormat with daisy pattern on it

    26. Brighten up your living room by adding some fun slipcovers to your furniture —you can swap them back later when the seasons change!

    arm chair with ripped seat cushion and ugly floral print
    the same chair covered in a solid gray slipcover

    Promising review: "Before and after putting it on. I couldn’t be happier. This chair has been through and lot and I just wasn’t ready to pry with it. The cover was easy to put in and so soft." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99 (available in 19 solid colors).

    Also check out some dining chair slipcovers and a velvet slipcover for your couch and in case that's more your style. 

    27. Bring the magic of The Little Mermaid (have you seen how FUN the new live action version is???) to your home with a seashell pillow. Ariel would 100% want to keep this in her treasure trove.

    28. Considering introducing some peel-and-stick wallpaper into areas of your home that feel a bit dull. It may not be the easiest of DIYs but it'll be worth it in the end!

    29. Invest in an indoor-friendly hammock chair — it'll serve as both a conversation piece and an incredible place to relax and read a book.

    close up of the hammock swings with tassels hanging down from it

    30. Treat yourself to a linen bedding bundle that'll make climbing into bed at the end of a long, hot day that much more satisfying. Is there anything better than the feeling of crisp, fresh sheets?

    bed with linen bedding