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    48 Pieces Of Lingerie That'll Leave Your Partner Sweating This V-Day

    Ooh, la, la. You're gonna look absolutely fire this V-Day.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lace-trim velvet bralette and shorts set that'll make you want to cancel your V-Day dinner plans and lounge around in it instead.

    navy velour tank and shorts with lace edges

    2. A three-piece lingerie set complete with a bra, thong, and garter that'll stop your partner in their tracks when they see you in 'em.

    two models in honey colored lace bras, a garter, and thongs

    3. An unlined bra and underwear set that'll have your partner double checking to make sure they didn't hit their head because they'll certainly be seeing stars.

    a model in a dark blue unlined bra and underwear with star accent son it

    4. A bouquet of lace underwear you can definitely get more use out of than flowers that'll likely die within a week (sorry, not sorry).

    a bouquet of roses made from lace thong underwear

    5. A lingerie set that'll likely make you feel like an empress and leave your partner wondering what they did to deserve you in the first place.

    a model in a black and gold boudoir set

    6. A lace teddy body suit you'd describe as the actual definition of "red hot."

    7. A breathtaking bustier with a zipper down the middle, perfect if you want to leave your S.O. in shock for a solid 20 minutes on V-Day.

    a model in a red lace bustier with a gold zipper down the middle

    8. A lace lingerie set featuring a bra, underwear, thigh-high socks, and garter for going all out when it comes to Valentine's Day.

    a model in a red lace bra, under wear, and thigh high tights

    9. A lace racerback bralette to make you feel as beautiful as Rachel McAdams in that iconic sex scene from The Notebook.

    10. A plunging lace teddy that'll let you feel and look like the fabulous queen you know yourself to be.

    11. A striped lace bodysuit you should treat yourself to regardless of whether you have Valentine's Day plans or not.

    a model in a pink and white striped body suit

    12. A sexy sheer kimono robe you'll literally never want to take off, despite that being its sole purpose.

    13. A sexy little number with satin bow accents that'll make your partner question whether it's actually Christmas.

    14. A satin V-neck teddy you'll obviously want in multiple colors because you'll be able to wear it during *sexy time* or with jeans — so versatile!

    a reviewer's pink satin romper with eyelash lace on the edges

    15. A mesh long-sleeve black crop top that'll look fabulous with the pair of sexy underwear you already own. You're welcome.

    a model in the top and black underwear

    16. A sexy garter belt with lace trim accents to really make a statement this Valentine's Day.

    a red and black lace garter belt

    17. A set of three Calvin Klein thongs so you can show off your fabulous tush without straying too far from your typical athleisure style.

    18. A lace up teddy that'll help you show off *all your curves and all your edges* a la one of John Legend's best love songs.

    a model in a purple teddy wtih a ribbon corset laced up the front and all-over see through lace

    19. A lace robe with a satin belt that won't leave much to the imagination — the ideal outfit for V-Day with your love.

    20. A strappy bralette and high-waisted underwear set that'll make you feel super luxurious, as only velvet and lace can.

    the bra and underwear set in pink, blue, and black

    21. A matching bra and panties set with tiny lil' hearts all over em', because who doesn't love a good theme?

    a model wearing a white bra with red accents, a red bow in the middle, tiny pink and red hearts throughout with a matching thong

    22. A simple lace bra, because what other holiday will give you an excuse to add this sexy number to your collection?

    a model in the black see through lace bra

    23. SKIMS newest jelly sheer collection for a sexy look that'll feel so soft on your skin — and theirs.

    24. A playful floral demi bra so you can say "bye-bye" to any traditional plans your partner had in mind and "hello!" to a fun night in.

    a model in a  white bra with pink flowers on it and green stems

    25. A metallic lace bra and wide-side thong panty that'll look just as dazzling when it's laying in a heap on your bedroom floor.

    a model in a navy blue matching bra and underwear set with silver lace accents

    26. A classic black lace thong with rose accents on it so you can tell everyone you did technically get flowers for Valentine's Day.

    a model wearing a black lace thong with red flowers on it

    27. A see-through chemise babydoll that'll have your partner shouting "DAYUMMM!" the moment you enter the room.

    a model in the chemise lace babydoll in blue

    28. A cheeky pair of undies, in case you're looking to keep things casual but still show a little skin.

    a model wearing the floral lace cheeky underwear in orange

    29. A push-up bra with lace accents and delicate scalloped edges you'll love so much you might just need to buy it in *all* the colors.

    a mode in the bra in red

    30. A sexy slip that can be worn under your clothes or to bed as a nightgown — win-win!

    31. A body stocking for anyone who wants to literally wants to look like they have a glittery Instagram filter on them this Valentine's Day — and who wouldn't want that?

    a model in a black fish net off the shoulder jump suit with an array of crystals on it

    32. Or a pair of fishnets that can only be described as *shining, shimmering, splendid* and will leave you looking dazzling even if you don't want to commit to an entirely sexy outfit.

    a model in tights that have glitter all throughout

    33. A backless halter teddy that'll leave your partner looking around on the floor for the jaw they just dropped.

    a model wearing the cornflower blue halter teddy with a plunging v-neck

    34. A bustier corset and adjustable garters with burlesque vibes so you can role play as Christina Aguilera in the hit film this V-Day.

    a model in the set in cream and black lace

    35. A multi-pack of soft lace hipster underwear that might just make you want to swear off thongs forever.

    five pairs of underwear in blue, black, gray, pink, and white

    36. And a plunging bra to go with your new undies, because you might as well splurge on an entirely new set for your V-Day festivities.

    a model in a navy blue bra with lace at the top of the cups

    37. A bodice with gorgeous lace, a plunging neckline, and cap sleeves — so fabulous you'll want to wear it all the time instead of just a special occasion.

    38. A cheetahlicious teddy to ensure a ROARing good time to anyone who wears it.

    39. A mesh babydoll that'll definitely make your Valentine's Day one for the books. Bring a napkin into the bedroom with you to clean up your boo's drool.

    40. A satin sleepwear set, because if you're going to buy something for V-Day you might as well be able to wear it, well, every day!

    41. A mesh top and trousers set that'll show your partner just how stylish you can be — even when it comes to your pajamas.

    a model in the black tee with a mostly mesh material and a black strapless bra under it with matching bottoms

    42. A three-pack of love-themed undies to really amp up the Valentine's Day theme — you can even snag matching sets for both of you!

    43. An embroidered bra and panty set your partner will think you seriously splurged on. Won't they be surprised when you reveal it was less than $20?!

    a model in the bra and underwear in white lace

    44. A bodysuit you can slip into before sending your S.O. a steamy selfie — the only appropriate response should be about 30 flame emojis, obviously🔥.

    a model in a black body suit with cut out flames

    45. An extremely sexy halter body suit, in case you feel like potentially giving your S.O. a heart attack in honor of Cupid's holiday.

    46. A feather-trimmed bodysuit that'll help you live out your very specific dream of being one of the fembots from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

    47. An unlined lace-up bra so you can pretend you're a duke and duchess like Daphne and Simon and live out your biggest Bridgerton fantasy.

    a model in a corset-like sage bra

    48. And a luxurious chemise you can count on to heat up even the coldest winter nights. Your partner can thank me later.

    a model in a white chemise with a nude bra top and white lace over the bra

    Your partner when you reveal your fabulous new Valentine's Day purchase:

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