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    Upgrade Your 2019 Wardrobe With This Epic Sale From River Island

    All sale items are up to 60% off — plus free shipping when you spend $50+!

    Now that we've all been gifted extra ~cash money~ from our relatives who didn't know what to buy us for the holidays, it's time to blow it all on clothes.

    There are tons post-holiday deals happening right now, but you can find me shopping at River Island. With up to 60% off sale items, you're sure to find major scores on items you've been holding off on. Here are some of my faves:

    1. A pair of wide-leg pants, complete with gorgeous embellishments and a tassel hem.

    2. A faux-suede fringe jacket that simply oozes an air of cool.

    3. A puffer jacket to keep you warm now that winter has arrived in all its icy glory.

    4. A studded Star Wars sweatshirt for your niece or nephew who stomps around like a Stormtrooper on the reg.

    5. A glittery "fanny pack" that is actually way trendier than most bags you probably have discarded in the back of your closet.

    6. An aviator jacket for the kiddo in your life who is a budding ~fashionista~.

    7. A basic black bodysuit that you can pair with jeans or a skirt to complete whatever look you're going for.

    8. A chic black fringe T-shirt, exactly what you need to mix up your wardrobe a little in 2019.

    9. A leopard-print bomber jacket that will have your friends saying, "Dayuuuum, where'd you get that jacket?"

    10. A pair of curved-heel mules, so you can walk into the new year looking more fabulous than ever.

    11. A pair of chinos with pearl embellishments down the sides that will make you feel fancy AF even if you're stuck in your office cube all day.

    12. A denim shirt and jogger set for the kiddo you can't help but spoil at all times.

    13. A paper-bag miniskirt that is just begging to be added to your wardrobe.

    14. A beanie and hat set, because who are we kidding — it's freakin' freezing outside and we need all the help we can get.

    15. A long-sleeve button-down that will quickly become your go-to shirt when you oversleep and need to get to work in a hurry.

    16. A knit jumper dress, perfect for cozying up in all winter and then wearing as you transition into your spring clothes.

    17. A mixed block-stitch sweater as comfortable as it is trendy — you won't want to take it off.

    18. An adorable jogger outfit so cute you'll be counting down the days until it arrives to dress your little one in it.

    19. A cropped denim shirt with sequins on it that will have you wishing spring would come sooner.

    20. A pair of tan suede boots, essential for anyone looking to amp up their fashion game this year.

    21. And a black velvet top that is exactly what you need for your New Year's Eve ~lewk~.

    You and your bestie, after your shipment from River Island arrives.

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