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    33 "Toy Story" Products You'll Love To Infinity And Beyond

    You'll be ~ eternally grateful ~ you bought these Toy Story items.

    Howdy, howdy, howdy, fellow Disney fanatics! As you already surely know, Toy Story 4 is coming out in theaters June 21st, so it's time to stock up on merch.

    From punny pins and home decor to perfectly themed apparel, you've ~got a friend~ in these products:

    1. An Alien pin that'll become the ~chosen one~ you use to accessorize your jean jacket.

    2. Cloud wall decals that'll transform any bedroom into Andy's room. Toys that come to life not included, sadly.

    3. Or glow-in-the-dark wall decals starring all of your favorite characters, a must-have for your inevitable Toy Story marathon.

    4. A Pizza Planet PopSocket, so you can represent the coolest intergalactic restaurant and not drop your phone on your face.

    5. A personalized towel you can lie on at the beach or pool while forcing your pals to listen to the Randy Newman's greatest hits.

    6. And a trendy T-shirt, perfect for wearing to see the new movie or for a trip to Toy Story Land.

    7. A Toy Story backpack that'll have you humming "You've Got A Friend In Me" whenever you use it.

    8. Or a handcrafted music box you can crank to hear a delicate rendition of the classic song. Beware: you may burst into nostalgic tears.

    9. A pretty pastel shirt that'll do a great job representing Toy Story's Rex and your anxious tendencies all in one. You're welcome!

    10. A pin to combine your love for Ariana Grande and Toy Story — everything you never knew you needed in an accessory.

    11. Matching shirts for the Woody to your Buzz you'll want to wear ~to infinity and beyond~.

    12. A Pizza Planet pencil case, so each time you reach in and grab a pen, you can pretend you are the almighty "claaaaaw."

    13. Or a phone case covered in classic characters like Buzz, Jessie, and Slinky Dog that'll have other fans of the flick complimenting you non-stop.

    14. A Forky keychain you'll be so glad you bought before seeing the latest installment — he's definitely going to be the star of the show.

    15. Shirts that'll let you and your BFF follow in Buzz and Woody's footsteps as you adventure through the Disney Parks.

    16. Adorable moccasins covered with Jessie and Bullseye so your little one can run like the wind without sacrificing an ounce of style.

    17. A Woody and RC LEGO set you can build with your kiddo or keep for yourself as decor for your desk.

    18. A reusable Starbucks cup complete with vinyl stickers of Andy (and now Bonnie's!) go-to duo.

    19. An Alien Funko Pop that'll have you saying "OooOoooh" every time you glance its way.

    20. Interchangeable Toy Story–themed ears, so you can rock a different look every day until the movie comes out.

    21. Or super soft ears starring Woody, Hamm, and the rest of the gang you'll love so much you'll plan a trip to Disney just to show them off.

    22. A Toy Story Tervis to keep you company while you marathon through all of the movies.

    23. A ~buzzworthy~ tee for those of us who have been watching Toy Story since 1995.

    24. Or a shirt that'll emphasize a different kind of buzz while still staying on theme.

    25. Toy Story Monopoly you can bring to your next family game night. Fingers crossed you don't get super competitive and let your inner-Sid come out.

    26. An enamel cloud necklace that'll motivate you to ~reach for the sky~ whenever you wear it.

    27. A woven Buzz Lightyear blanket you can wrap yourself in for a much-needed hug while sobbing through Toy Story 3.

    28. An Alien sweatshirt you'll be ~eternally grateful~ to own once you're freezing your butt off in the movie theater watching Toy Story 4 for the fourth time in a week.

    29. Toy Story character socks, so even your toes can have a rootin' tootin' good time.

    30. A Buzz Lightyear dad hat you can wear while trying to convince your friends you ARE a Space Ranger.

    31. A classic Mr. Potato Head that'll look like a studly spud no matter where you choose to display him.

    32. A pancake mold kit complete with Toy Story shapes, so you can whip up a breakfast that would make Mrs. Nesbitt proud.

    33. And a magnet of Bo Peep and her sheep you'll want to tell the world about because she's BACK, baby!

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