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    30 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts To Show Mom You Actually Do Pay Attention

    Proof once and for all that you actually *do* pay attention to your mom's rambling.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Mother's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 9th!

    1. A delightful jar of "Dream Balm" made of calming herbs like lavender and chamomile your mom can apply to their feet, wrists, chest, and temples before resting their head on their pillow. I feel calm just writing about it.

    a tin of the dream balm in silver, white, and purple packaging

    2. A lil' message in a bottle for your mom who loves to collect trinkets. Fill it with your favorite photo of the two of you and watch as they immediately put it on display.

    a tiny glass bottle with a photo of a child and parents inside and a note on top of a wooden stand that says "i love you"

    3. A throw blanket that'll pay tribute to two of their favorite activities; getting cozy on the couch and plugging away at a word search. There are hidden words throughout the whole blanket for Mom to find, so it'll basically be two gifts for the price of one!

    4. A bookmark book tracker to motivate them to actually settle down and read the novel their book club decided on for this month. After they finish a book they can add the title into the spine on the bookmark and color it in — adorable.

    The bookmark

    5. A sentimental bracelet for your stepmom who is always dabbing at their eyes while rewatching shows like Gilmore Girls and checking to see how you're doing just because — this accessory is as sweet as they are.

    a model wearing an engraved cuff bracelet that says You may not have given me life, but life gave me you

    6. A candle with a minimalist design that'll look great in their living room, give any guests a clear message not to over-stay their welcome, and make their room smell absolutely divine. 10/10 purchase, IMO.

    a glass candle with a black label on it that says "please leave by 9pm"

    7. A zodiac-themed pacifier clip for any new mom to accessorize their mini-me with — a must-have if they're constantly saying their tyke really is *such* a Gemini and checking the alignment of the moon and stars to see if they'll ever get a good night's rest again.

    8. A paw-fect iPhone case starring their favorite child — the family pet. Don't act so surprised, you and I both know Fido listens better than you ever have.

    a phone case with an illustration of a golden puppy on it alongside the picture of the puppy

    9. A toothpaste cap for the mom who typically wakes up singing "Somebooooody once told me the world was gonna roll me" a la one of the greatest soundtracks of all time... Shrek. And, uh, if they're also always yelling at you for leaving the toothpaste cap filled with gunk and goo this may help smooth things over.

    10. A personalized ring so they can keep their kiddos' names on them at all times — think of it as an upgrade to that necklace they likely have with mini charm figures of their kids hanging from it.

    a hand with two rings with names in script on them

    11. A sweatshirt embroidered with Princess Diana in her iconic "revenge dress," perfect for any mom who has been chatting your ear off about the Royal Family for decades.

    a tan sweatshirt with "vogue" embroidered on it and an image of princess diana in a black cocktail dress

    12. Sheet keeper bands Mom can use to transform the messy linen closet into one that would make Marie Kondo or the ladies from The Home Edit weep with pride.

    stacks of sheets with yellow and off white bands wrapped around them to keep them orderly

    13. Matching headbands for anyone who has been saying how adorable all of these influencers and their tykes in coordinating looks are. Make Mom's dreams come true this Mother's Day.

    a baby and a mom in matching knotted camel brown headbands

    14. A dish towel that'll recreate a handwritten version of a meaningful recipe one of their parents or grandparents made, so special they may even tear up over how thoughtful you were while choosing a gift.

    a tea towel with a recipe transffered onto it

    15. A botanical art print, in case they'd enjoy some greenery in their living room but don't want to put a plant's life at risk (my track record isn't great, I wouldn't blame them).

    a framed print of a two plants

    16. A dainty ring with your fingerprint around the outside and the coordinates of where you live on the inside for your mom who has been missing you a bit extra now that you no longer live together.

    17. Honeycomb book ends that'll leave Mom's bookcase *buzzing* with style — their beloved copy of Pride and Prejudice won't know what hit 'em.

    honeycomb book ends in pale blue

    18. An embroidered hat featuring the 25th anniversary castle from the '90s, guaranteed to make them smile while thinking of the first time they took you to Disney and help keep the sun out of their eyes while on their daily stroll.

    19. A cheeky mug for your mother-in-law who you've bonded with because you both have impeccable taste in inappropriate humor. They'll get a real kick out of parading it around during Mother's Day brunch.

    a white mug that says "instead of grandbabies may I interest you in a mug?

    20. A magnetic chess set, because you and I both know the two of you stayed glued to your couch and watched every episode of The Queen's Gambit with barely any bathroom breaks and now want nothing more than to learn how to play chess.

    Model playing the magnetic chessboard attached to the wall

    21. An enamel pin to add to Mom's denim jacket to remind everyone (and you and your siblings) they're The Boss.

    a speech bubble-shaped pin with the words "because I said so" inside

    22. An embroidery kit for the crafty mom in your life whose perfect day includes strolling along the beach (with you, obviously) and collection shells — they'll *clam* up as soon as they open this and realize you've gotten them a flawless gift.

    an embroidery hoop with the stitches of a seashell surrounded by real shells

    23. Or a jewelry dish designed to look like there's a wave pool inside of it — perfect for any mom who is constantly misplacing their jewelry. They can leave this on their nightstand and finally put a stop to their daily search party for their wedding band.

    a wooden bowl with resin in the middle to look like ocean waves

    24. Colorful garden markers that'll make any Plant Mom smile from ear-to-ear, especially if they're the type to pot a bunch of herbs and promptly forget which ones they put where.

    25. Or a necklace with metal tags to represent the birth month flower of each of their kiddos. They'll be so touched they might just forget about the 36-hour labor you put them through back in the day.

    two gold necklaces with rectangular charms on them with flowers on each charm

    26. A custom line drawing for your mom who is forever reminiscing about when you and your siblings were little — have the shop recreate one of their favorite photos from your childhood and be sure to gift it with a box of tissues.

    an illustration of a mother and child and their names underneath

    27. A car vent mask holder clip starring their favorite Animal Crossing character, because when your mom isn't calmly fishing and planting flowers on their island they're trying to find their misplaced mask before heading out.

    28. A vinyl sticker that'll perfectly depict a typical conversation between you and your mom.

    a text bubble sticker that says "hold on sorry I saw a dog"

    29. A Taylor Swift-inspired wine glass for the mother figure in your life who has been for you *forever and always* to listen to the latest album at midnight and help you decode Tay's cryptic clues. Honestly, you and I both know they're as much a part of the fandom as anyone your own age and will fangirl over this gift.

    a stemless wine glass that says "rose flowing with your chosen family"

    30. And a Mother's Day card featuring a handmade bouquet they can actually keep for more than a week — a wonderful gift for the mom who believes flowers are a waste of money. Fill it with some heartfelt words and *boom* you've got yourself an excellent present they'll cherish.

    Your mom after unwrapping the *most* thoughtful gift they've ever received from you like:

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