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    36 Things You'll Probably Want To Wear To A Pumpkin Patch This Fall

    You're going to look simply gourd-geous, darling.

    1. A colorblock open cardigan, because when it comes to fall fashion you can never have enough layering options.

    2. Or an oversized cardigan with a skull on the back so you can quietly remind your PSL-loving friends that it's SPOOKY season, too.

    3. Combat boots that'll support you while you work your way through a vine-filled pumpkin patch this season. Mmm and is there anything better than a dress with combat boots? Na.

    4. A spooktacular dad hat with a glow-in-the-dark Zero embroidered on it — a must-have for anyone who wants to channel their inner Pumpkin King while posing for pics in the patch.

    5. Or a necklace inspired by the iconic hill from The Nightmare Before Christmas you can break out in honor of your first official autumn activity.

    6. A cozy poncho, because why NOT leave the house and still feel like you're wrapped in your favorite blanket?

    7. A layered shift dress that'll make you feel like you're finally nailing that ~boho look~ you've always envied from other people's pumpkin patch pics.

    8. A long sleeve black and white striped tunic you'd be able to wear to both brunch and while trying to select the perfect pumpkin. Comfort is key, my friends.

    9. Or a thermal top with a tie in the front for a casual but still super cute look you can rock all season long.

    10. A beanie you can throw on in a hurry to assure you still look casual and cute when your friends decide last minute (as per usual) TODAY is the day to go grab some gourds.

    11. A corduroy jacket that'll keep you cozy while you're out in the field but also take your fall fashion game to the next level. Apologies for all the people about to slide into your DMs begging to know where you picked up this gem.

    12. A lightweight quilted vest you can layer with a long sleeve if the weather isn't quite cold enough for a full jacket but there's still a chill in the air.

    13. An oversized chunky sweater that'll become a staple in your outfit rotations from now through the end of winter — just look at how snuggly it seems!

    14. Booties with a chunky heel and stylish cutouts to match all of your autumn apparel.

    15. A bandana you can tie around your messy bun for a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face while you hunt down the cutest pumpkin in the patch (and no, I don't mean your S.O.).

    16. A V-neck sweater made of a soft cotton that'll give you that warm 'n' fuzzy "it's fall" feeling the moment you pull it over your head.

    17. An anorak you'll be happy to have on hand to keep you comfortable if you choose to visit your local pumpkin patch on a particularly *spooky* fog–filled day.

    18. A leopard print cardigan may make you want to drop everything, climb into a pickup truck and head to a pumpkin patch for a photo shoot right ~meow~.

    19. A cap sleeve blouse you'll get tons of compliments on because it's so darn gourd-geous (and VERY on theme, might I add).

    20. Perforated slip-on sneakers, so affordable you won't lose your mind if a little bit of mud gets on them while you're trying to cut your chosen pumpkin off the vine.

    21. A blanket scarf anyone who defines themselves as "basic" will absolutely want to have in their pumpkin patch pics.

    22. A shirt dress that'll have you saying "have a nice trip, see ya' next fall" to the standard flannel you used to wear on these festive outings.

    23. Or a new flannel shirt to replace the one I previously mentioned since you've posed in with your pumpkin selection for the last five years now.

    24. A "Look What You Made Me Brew" graphic tee any Taylor Swift–loving witch will want as part of their wardrobe this fall.

    25. Overalls that probably should've been your first outfit idea from the moment your friend's said "hey, do you want to go pumpkin picking?"

    26. A knitted sherpa sweater you can pair with boots for a look so stylish even the scarecrows will be shook by your good taste.

    27. A mustard V-neck number that'll add ~a twist~ to your standard sweater selection and be a lovely autumn acquirement.

    28. Acrylic barrettes, so you can easily accessorize for the inevitable boomerangs you'll take with your prized pumpkin.

    29. Hunter booties that'll quickly become your most coveted possession the moment you get out of your car and realize, despite what it looks like on social media, pumpkin patches are rather dirty.

    30. A basic cardigan with classic-looking buttons you can throw on over a basic tee and feel ready to take on any fall festivities that come your way.

    31. Or a teddy coat that'll keep you nice 'n' toasty while you forage for apple cider donuts.

    32. A pair of classic Chuck Taylor Converse you can count on to never go out of style — they'll look perfect whether you wear 'em with jeans, leggings, sweaters, or flannels.

    33. High-waisted jeggings that'll look SO cute with that sweater you bought last year and have been counting down the days to wear again.

    34. A faux fur hooded pullover, perfect for anyone who kinda hates pumpkin picking but still wants to seem like they're making a minimal effort.

    35. Durable booties so you can look fashionable mid-pumpkin patch without breaking an ankle or tripping over a rogue vine.

    36. And a witty crewneck sweatshirt that'll guarantee you have a ~ghoul~ time attempting to find the jack-o'-lantern of your dreams.

    Strolling into the pumpkin patch with your new fall fashions like:

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