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    34 Things You May Just Want To *Add To Cart*

    Blooming tea flowers, colorful fine point pens, a smiley face bath mat, and more items you won't be able to resist.

    1. Olive & June's seven-free nail polish fall collection, a must-have for anyone who doesn't want to commit to the semi-permanency of a gel or powder but would benefit from owning all the tools for the making of a flawless at-home mani.

    2. Kylie Cosmetics "Mary Jo" Matte Lip Kit because, IMO, no red lip will stay on longer and stronger than one of these bad boys.

    3. Lovoir Flick Stick eyeliner stamp if you obsess over makeup tutorials but haven't been able to nail liquid eyeliner just yet.

    4. A cat teaser toy starring Mary from Hocus Pocus flying on her iconic vacuum so you and Fluffy (or dare I say, Binx???) can recreate your fave scene from the movie during playtime.

    5. A set of two blooming tea flowers to transform your standard morning cup of tea into a beautiful ritual you'll want to Instagram every day.

    two containers with one filled with pink foil balls and the other with purple foil ball and a clear tea cup with tea and a blooming yellow flower inside

    6. Dr. Martens combat boots that'll last so long you'll probably be able to pass them down to your kids and try to convince them you were, in fact, a rock star.

    model wearing black boots with black lace-ups

    7. An ultra-thin electrical cover so you can finally enjoy full access to the outlet behind your dresser — plug this bad boy in and *poof* you'll have not one, not two, but SIX new outlets at your disposal.

    8. Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum that'll bring new meaning to "beauty rest" once you add it to your skincare routine.

    a white bottle of the product surrounded by clear crystals

    9. A "Pumpkin Spice Life" sweatshirt for anyone who literally set an alarm and raced out their door to Starbucks the day the greatest flavor of all time returned for the season (hehe, couldn't be me...).

    a maroon colored sweatshirt with white embroidery that says pumpkin spice life on it

    10. Shimmery Pat McGrath lipgloss you can pair with any color to add some serious sparkle and shine — you're gonna look fabulous, darling.

    three lips with the sparkly lipgloss on

    11. A pre-lit autumn wreath covered in faux foliage, because is a house ever a home until you adorn it with a wreath? I don't think so.

    a reviewer's lit fall wreath

    12. A stylish wide-leg jumpsuit I personally think will look flawless on your Instagram grid paired with a festive pumpkin beer (y'know, the ones with the pretty sugar around the rim!).

    a model in a burnt orange jump suit with cropped wide legs and button bib detailing

    13. Winky Lux Flower Balm you'll find simply magical when it goes on clear, then blossoms into the perfect shade of pink as it combines with your natural pH level.

    14. A set of fine-point pens featuring all the colors of the rainbow, a must-have for anyone who absolutely lives for their planner or journal. They're designed not to bleed through thin pages, which makes me want to kiss them right on the mouth.

    Fine point pens in 18 different colors

    15. A crystal glass butterfly bracelet you'll want to buy a handful of for everyone in your life — it's the epitome of beauty and would certainly make for a stunning gift.

    an arm with a stack of butterfly bracelets on it

    16. Mickey treats and Main Street-inspired stickers you can use to create Disney Princess-worthy nails for your next visit to Magic Kingdom.

    17. A lavender enamel pin to remind you of the plant's soothing scent. It'll look beautiful hanging out on the denim jacket you recently ordered ahead of the delightful autumn weather.

    a pin of a bundle of lavender

    18. A darling dress featuring puffy sleeves and a bow in the back that'll make you want to abandon your life and run away to live in the countryside and just feed baby goats 'til the end of your days.

    19. A stunning coffee table book for anyone with an eye for mid-century modern furniture and an interest in the history of Disney animation.

    20. A set of ice cream spoons for those nights when all you want to do is *shovel* your favorite flavor down your gullet while catching up on Bachelor in Paradise.

    gold spoons that look like tiny shovels

    21. A vanity organizer featuring pressed florals to easily add some touches of nature to your bathroom.

    22. A pack of reusable silicone lids that have so many uses you won't even believe it — use 'em to keep food warm, store leftovers in the fridge, or heat up a meal in the microwave sans-splatter.

    23. A cute Lululemon belt bag for when you want to run errands (or literally go for a run) hands-free but don't want to leave your keys and phone behind.

    a model wearing a crossbody belt bag in hot pink

    24. Mules lined with faux fur and adorned with a gold chain that'll make you feel like you just inherited a royal title each time you slip them on.

    a red slip on shoe with faux fur lining and a gold chain across the middle

    25. A bath mat you can count on to put a *smile* on your face whether you're running late and rushing to get ready or stepping out of a leisurely soak in the tub.

    26. A Real Housewives version of Guess Who that'll leave you and any other fans of the show giggling while giving clues like "she detested staying on the lower level" or "she was once insulted by sprinkle cookies."

    the game with real housewife all stars

    27. A hydrating spray lotion infused with papaya and apple extract — perfect for keeping your skin feeling nice 'n' fresh after you've stepped out of the shower.

    a model holding a mint colored bottle spraying it on their shoulder

    28. Glossier Stretch Concealer to brighten up your under-eyes and your mood! It's ridiculously easy to apply and is extremely buildable so you can create as much coverage as you want with minimal effort.

    different shades of the concealer styled on pink background

    29. A floral duvet cover that'll bring fresh florals into your bedroom — you'll love it even more during the dreary winter months.

    a black comforter with pink florals on it

    30. A cleaning pen, so all of your jewels (whether they're real or not) will be so sparkly everyone will wonder who you inherited them from.

    31. A stylish diffuser that'll fill your home with calming fragrances — perfect if you're weary of candles.

    a yellow matte stone diffuser next to a bottle of essential oils

    32. Acne-absorbing cover patches to blend in with any skin tone and that are gentle enough for any skin type but suck the life out of your stubborn zits like a charged-up vacuum.

    33. A variety pack of Doughp cookie dough you'll love for multiple reasons but mostly because it can be eaten raw or baked. Shout out to the fact it's made with heat-treated flour and no eggs 🍪.

    a bunch of pints of cookie dough

    34. And a toothpaste cap for anyone who typically wakes up singing "Somebooooody once told me the world was gonna roll me" à la one of the greatest soundtracks of all time... Shrek.

    Actual footage of me running away from my adult finances to spend my money on a Shrek toothpaste cap instead:

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    a row of decorative blue presents with different colored bows