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    36 Things Under $25 To Help You Spruce Up Your Home Decor

    "Honey, I'm home!" —you, after displaying your new decorations.

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    1. A gorgeous tapestry that'll make you feel like you're off on a mountainside retreat instead of relaxing in your own bedroom or living room.

    The vividly colored tapestry, featuring trees, mountains, birds, and more, hanging above a bed

    2. A disco ball you can absolutely count on to bring some *razzle dazzle* into your home. Hope you've got a dance-worthy playlist at the ready.

    3. A magnetic key holder for anyone who typically lives with their head in the clouds and therefore can *never* recall where they left their keys.

    A minimalist cloud magnet tacked to a wall holding two sets of car keys

    4. A mini retro-inspired Bluetooth speaker that'll look darling regardless of where you display it. Hope everyone else in your life is ready for an endless slew of oldies to play throughout the house.

    Mini retro-looking radio speakers in blue, green, and pink

    5. A stoneware sponge holder you'll be impressed by because it'll be so darn stylish hanging out behind your kitchen sink.

    a white stoneware sponge holder with a marbled burnt orange ring

    6. A throw pillow cover you can snuggle with while your enchanted silverware *sings you off to sleep as you digest* which honestly sounds quite lovely to me (not that you asked, but here we are).

    an off white throw pillow with be our guest written on it in black script lettering

    7. A set of wall-mounted shelves to help remove clutter from your bookcase/dresser/floor and make your room look organized at the same time.

    8. A curtain of twinkle lights that'll make anyone who enters feel like they're relaxing under the stars.

    strings of lights with polaroid photos hanging from them

    9. A floral tea towel from Rifle Paper Co. to make your kitchen feel like spring time all the time — even when it's been snowing for what feels like a century.

    a white tea towel with colorful florals on it

    10. A zippered sleeve to keep all of those pesky wires and plugs under control and out of your way so when you finally get around to hanging your fabulous new TV on the wall it won't look like a hot mess.

    a before and after photo showing the cords neatly stowed away

    11. Lunar garland you'll find yourself ~mooning~ over every time you lay down on your bed after a particularly long day.

    a string of garland over a headboard with moon phase charms hanging from it

    12. Prismatic window film you can easily stick on any glass surface for some added privacy and a cascade of rainbows. Alexa? Play "Rainbow" by Kacey Musgraves.

    13. Color-changing, self-adhesive LED light strips that'll completely transform the vibe of your room. Want to feel like you're at the club? Check. Need the perfect lighting for a deep meditation sesh? These have got you covered for all that and then some.

    14. A piece of art from Laura Stites Art, for anyone who worships The Mouse but prefers a more minimal taste when it comes to the art they choose to put up in their home.

    15. Or a botanical art print, in case you want some greenery in your living room but don't want to put a plant's life at risk (my track record isn't great, I wouldn't blame you).

    a framed print of a two plants

    16. A shower curtain with a subtle design you can use to upgrade your bathroom's vibe without having to do something wild like install a new tub or sink.

    a gray herringbone shower curtain

    17. A microfiber duvet cover set so you can switch up your bedroom's color scheme without spending your entire paycheck.

    18. Stone drink coasters your roommates will hopefully use so you don't have to spend your evening scrubbing rings off your wood furniture.

    19. Or whimsical coasters that'll join together to form a cactus when they're not being used — who doesn't love a multipurpose piece of decor?

    coasters that look like a cactus in a pot

    20. A stylish statement clock to ensure you're never rushing around your home exclaiming "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

    21. Modern floating shelves with black metal framing that'll look lovely in your bathroom, living room, or bedroom and won't cause a headache during installation.

    two shelves with a natural wood base and black metal backing in a chevron design

    22. Honeycomb book ends that'll leave your bookcase *buzzing* with style — your beloved copy of Pride and Prejudice won't know what hit 'em.

    honeycomb book ends in pale blue

    23. A soft throw blanket with a playful pom-pom fringe along the edges you'll love snuggling up with while watching Bridgerton (again) or tossing on your couch for an easy decor option.

    24. Chalkboard paint you can add to the walls of your kitchen to display your menu for the week and avoid that whole "what's for dinner?" conversation. No one enjoys that, let's be honest.

    A kitchen wall painted with the chalkboard paint, with the words "The Kitchen's CLOSED on Sunday" written in chalk

    25. Four trinket dishes you can connect together to form one intricately designed place to store all odds 'n' ends efficiently and beautifully.

    the connected trinket dishes

    26. A tissue box cover to make you feel right at home, even if you're suffering from a bad case of the sniffles.

    a white tissue box covered shaped like a house with a tissue coming out of the chimney like smoke

    27. Rustic wall hooks so you'll always have an appropriate place to hang your coats instead of piling them up on The Chair (you know the exact one I'm talking about).

    28. A glass lantern with a single pillar candle inside of it that'll be the finishing touch to the peaceful vibe you've been trying to make happen in your living room.

    three tapered glass lanterns with a gray terracotta base

    29. A waterproof, stain-resistant faux marble granite adhesive that'll give your old desk an entirely new life or upgrade your ratty bathroom counters into ones you'd admire on Pinterest.

    Faux white and granite covering a white desk

    30. A roll of peel-and-stick floral wallpaper, in case you've been dying to transform your living room into a scene from literally any Wes Anderson film.

    floral peel and stick wallpaper

    31. A trio of candle sticks to add a touch of elegance to your dining area — who says you can't be bougie on a budget?

    32. A scratch-off map anyone with a bad case of wanderlust will simply adore because they can mark all their past and future adventures while also adding a conversation piece to their living space.

    a model scratching off the locations they've been to on a gold map

    33. Peel-and-stick staircase stickers that'll impress anyone lucky enough to be *invited upstairs*.

    34. A macrame photo organizer that'll act as the finishing touch to the boho theme you've got goin' on in your bedroom and provide you with a proper place to showcase all of those embarrassing selfies of you and your friends.

    a macrame photo organizer hanging above a bed

    35. An acrylic cosmetic organizer that'll look lovely on your counter — a must-have for anyone who has simply had it with their hot mess of a makeup drawer (I know I have).

    36. And a stunning crystal candle made by The Astral Boutique infused with glitter, lavender buds, and blue cornflowers, a must-have for anyone looking to take their *mystical vibes* to the next level.

    a purple candle with an amethyst crystal stone in it

    Great news! All the dollars you're saving on over-priced decor can be spent on your dog!

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