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    37 Things You Should Buy Because There's A Heat Wave

    Don't sweat it — you deserve a reward for surviving this weather.

    1. A hat that'll keep you protected from the sun and have you looking super chic.

    2. An ice cream maker you can use to whip up a variety of frozen treats without leaving the house. My apologies to the Ice Cream Man.

    3. An inflatable unicorn ring toss game that'll bring magical fun to your next pool party.

    4. A quirky ice tray filled with sea creatures you can use to create an aquarium in your cocktail. Cheers!

    5. A floating beer pong table, so you never have to choose between swimming or playing drinking games again.

    6. Or reusable popsicle molds you can use to make chilled fruit snacks while singing "Ice Ice Baby."

    7. A flamingo towel that'll have everyone on the beach ~flocking~ to you to say how cute it is.

    8. A rechargeable handheld fan with three adjustable speed levels, fantastic for helping you cool down on super hot summer days.

    9. Or a fan shaped like a cactus to make sure your day doesn't ~succ~ even when it's over 100 degrees outside.

    10. An avocado pool float that'll give your overpriced brunch order a run for its money — AND the pit doubles as a beach ball!

    11. T-strap sandals to perfectly accompany the ice cold lemonade you've been sipping on in an attempt to stay hydrated.

    12. A machine that'll help you whip up margaritas, piña coladas, and daiquiris so you can mentally transport yourself to a tropical island.

    13. Waterproof playing cards, so you can get a fierce game of poker going instead of obsessing over the heat (just maybe don't strip unless you're spending the day at a nude beach).

    14. A mini pool that fits three grown adults so you can pretend you're on vacation in the Hamptons instead of your apartment's tiny patio.

    15. A floating beverage bar that'll let you can stay in your pool until your fingers get all shriveled and pruned.

    16. Embroidered slip-on sneakers to pair with cut-offs or a sundress for a chill tropical look that matches the weather.

    17. A portable cornhole set to keep in the trunk of your car and break out just in time for ~beach szn~.

    18. A ball that skips in the water and will keep you and your fellow beach bums entertained while you chat in the ocean.

    19. A customized Starbucks cup that'll pay tribute to your love of Disney and encourage you to drink extra water when it's super hot outside.

    20. A monokini with a mesh cutout so you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing someone when you cannonball into the water.

    21. A personalized towel that'll let you ~express yourself~ through the power of words even when you're napping in the sun.

    22. Underarm deodorant wipes infused with coconut milk and essential oils as well as witch hazel and shea butter, great for when you've been sweating in the sun ALL day.

    23. Or a surprisingly flattering one-piece that'll have you saying "see ya' later, alligator" to all your other bathing suits.

    24. A 24K gold eye treatment to make you feel fancier and more relaxed than ever. It's designed to hydrate your skin and increase blood circulation — perfect after being out in the burning sun.

    25. Affordable cat eye sunglasses to keep on hand for when you inevitably lose yet another pair.

    26. Ouai's After Sun Body Soother will provide cooling relief for your skin with just a quick spray after you've, once again, gotten burnt after falling asleep on the beach.

    27. A V-neck monokini with halter straps you just might want to buy in every print and plan a tropical vacation to show 'em all off.

    28. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, excellent for getting lost in a steamy romance novel without the entire beach noticing.

    29. An anti-chafing stick you'll swear by after realizing you can actually prevent your inner thighs from getting raw and irritated when walking in the heat.

    30. A bikini trimmed with playful tassels so you can shimmy right into the pool.

    31. A coloring book filled with expletives for when you decide it's too damn hot to go outdoors and you need an activity to pass the time in your air conditioned home.

    32. A diffuser you can control from your smart phone, essential for when you don't want to move because you're so exhausted from the heat but still want to unwind with serene scents.

    33. Or blackout curtains to block out the sun's harsh rays and cool down your bedroom. Hello darkness, my old friend.

    34. Vibrant sunnies that'll have you saying "thank you, next" as you toss your old, broken pair in the trash.

    35. A Tangled-inspired hat for anyone who loooves warm weather and is forever singing "at last I see the light!" when summer rolls around.

    36. A tower fan that'll make sure your room doesn't get stuffy when you're trying to sleep through the night mid-heatwave.

    37. And a sunscreen stick because it's hot out there and you don't want to end up looking like a lobster!

    Now that you've rewarded yourself, you can focus on trying to cool down. GOOD LUCK.

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