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    19 Things To Help Transform Your Bad Hair Day

    Beware: things might get... hairy.

    Ever have one of those mornings where your hair just won't cooperate? From fly-aways to bangs that have a mind of their own, a bad hair day is just...BAD.

    1. This one-step hair dryer and styler that will take your hair from drab to fab in no time.

    2. A set of Turbie Twist hair towels to fight frizz as soon as you step out of the shower.

    3. This styling product that literally guarantees a perfect hair day. What more could you wish for?

    4. A wave spray so you can rock your natural look without fear of looking a mess.

    5. A set of hair clips that can transform a failed updo into something super chic.

    6. A hair straightener brush to give you a sleek 'do with no stress.

    7. This hair dryer that will work with you to prevent bad hair days before they even start.

    8. A hydrating argan oil hair mask to refresh your dry or damaged hair.

    9. This set of 100 no-crease hair ties, which will make sure you can put your hair up in a last-minute ponytail comfortably, without worrying about looking messy when you take it out.

    10. A headband that's so versatile you can wear it to the gym, to work, or on a date.

    11. This velvet scrunchie so you can easily dress up even the most boring of hairstyles.

    12. A tiny straightener to keep at your desk for hair emergencies.

    13. This chunky beanie that's cozy and convenient for surviving a bad hair day.

    14. An Invisibobble hair ring to stop pesky strands from escaping your ponytail or bun.

    15. This bejeweled headband that will make your bad hair day a memory of the past.

    16. A detangling brush to help you start your hair-doing process on the right foot.

    17. Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls, which will help you achieve the defined coils of your dreams with just a tiny bit of effort.

    18. This dry shampoo to make your dirty hair appear fresh, clean, and bouncy in an instant.

    19. And this cool dad hat for when all else fails.

    Just remember, no matter what your hair looks like, work it!

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